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    I have been trying to get completely rid of PMO from last 10+ years. The maximum I have abstained from it is 35 days. Then after each relaspe I think why I can't control and due to frustration the frequency of PMO increases. The more I take it seriously the harder the fight seems.
    This time I take it simple each day of not doing PMO is a win for me. That way I felt motivated each day and try to get as much streak as possible. After 10 or 15 days of streak if I got night fall or I have some sneak peak of porn or some nude mistakenly or end up in MO. I just start again and keep moving forward. The fight isn't simple, this is no doubt one of the most difficult fight I am going through but I hope one day I will leave PMO forever. I hope same for everyone.
  2. This is great advice. I will try to remember.
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    My journey has been quite similar. The max I've been able to go without PM is for 30 days. I relapsed and then I've been on and off. It's undoubtedly quite difficult and I've adopted the same mindset. I am going to keep getting back up and keep moving. I am also focusing a lot on genreally disciplining myself. I've noticed that as and when I use my willpower, it expands. So I know that if I keep going, one day I will get there. There isn't any point judging ourselves when we're trying our best. More power to you buddy, I hope you succeed and I hope I succeed too.
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