Changes after 73 days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Combi, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Combi

    Combi Fapstronaut

    I'd like to seperate the benfiets to three categories-
    mental/emotional benfiets . physical benefiets. changes inspired by my streak.

    physical benefiets-
    • much deeper sleep. I fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed , even after 6 hours of sleep.
    • stronger physically
    • better stamina at sports
    • often morning wood
    • very vivid dreams
    • had 3-4 wet dreams, 2 on the same night.
    • healthier appetite, enjoy food much more.
    mental/emotional benefiets
    • anxiety has diminished greatly
    • confidence have risen
    • 'natural' flow of thought
    • calmer
    • more diciplined
    • more emotion - completley changed as a person. more compassionate., towards myself as well. I welcome being criticized, can listen to others.
    • I cry easily, in a good way
    • more tolerant of others
    • more aware of who I am. in the past I felt detached - almost as if I am unreal. this has passed.
    • I enjoy studying
    • laughther comes easily and often
    • life is more exciting - desensitizing
    changes triggered by nofap

    • started practicing yoga daily
    • lost fat - 20 pounds already. my goal is to lose 7 more.
    • became vegan

    It's not the "I became a complete star at everything" list, but i'm very happy about the changes nofap brought to my life - its worth it.
  2. xedger

    xedger Guest

    Great list - I recognise many of these benefits. Just out of interest, what prompted the move to veganism? I have been thinking about this a lot recently.
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  3. K.C_Cage

    K.C_Cage Fapstronaut

    This kind of thing makes me excited to keep going with my 90 day reboot. The possible benefits of being clean for a long time. Now for me it's not guaranteed whether I'll have changes like this but considering the longest I've gone without PMOing is 27 days in a six year time span, I'd say I'll get at least a few of these. Good job on 73 days!
  4. Nickarlson

    Nickarlson Fapstronaut

    That's awesome! Seems like you've had nothing but good changes. One of my problems is also that I don't cry easily when I get stressed.
    I'll see if that changes
    But anyways, thank you for your helpful post
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  5. Combi

    Combi Fapstronaut

    I've read about it alot, how it's better for the environment, the body, and also ethically. But the real trigger, I think, was being more compassionate .

    Thanks for your kind words .
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  6. iHappy

    iHappy Guest

    @Babutir Congratulations :)

    @Linkard You are not the only one, that is common for all porn addicts. One of the main reason for me to start this journal was because I wanted to feel like a human and experience all emotions without running from them.
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  7. Nickarlson

    Nickarlson Fapstronaut

    That's really interesting... I never heard that. The only thing is I don't consider myself an addict. I'm still young, and never browsed porn for anything other than PMO, and haven't seen it escalate yet. But I never want it to get to a critical point. And seeing back on it, I have a feeling I was starting/on the road to get addicted to it. So you're probably right :) We'll see what the future is made of now :)
    I feel like it's just in my nature, but you're right, porn can do nothing but make it worst.
    Posts like this are an encouragement to stop our brain "rationalization" of fapping for a quick pleasure, and maintain self-discipline.
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  8. iHappy

    iHappy Guest

    @Linkard What I always say to people who say they don't consider themselves as addicts is to simply try and not watch porn for a month. If you can do it without a problem, than you are not addicted. But for most us, it is really really difficult.
    Here is a quote from my guide:

    As for crying, I remember how emotional I was before I got introduced to internet porn. But now, it is really hard to remember what is the last time I cried.
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  9. Nickarlson

    Nickarlson Fapstronaut

    I can actually very well relate with that last sentence, come to think of it o_O So much so that it's scary. But thank you for sharing! Those last 5 days have been pretty easy and I never found myself craving for porn. I'm preparing for it getting harder later though. You're right that I can't know for sure if I'm addicted until I try this.
    And thanks again for sharing your guide. I'm checking out the whole thing.
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  10. FURPY

    FURPY Fapstronaut

    I really don't think about porn anymore ...that is strange indeed...
    Every time I went online , I would wind up googling porn...
    Now, I don't even think about it, but I still get sidetracked by adds that have , well, women with large breasts ...
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  11. Trying2Not

    Trying2Not Fapstronaut

    Please give some tips and good luck! Make this streak forever. You can do it!
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  12. FURPY

    FURPY Fapstronaut


    Dear Trying not to...I see that you are 17,....young young young...
    I'm 58, let's see....when did you start? you have a GF?...
    My only real advice that works for me is not to touch mr happy except for cleaning ..
    And I do have a might seem weird to some, but I sit in front of a mirror and watch mr happy grow...I don't have much time here...have to go to work....but all that I do is watch him and finally now he is growing and growing up good, like a good boy...the wife hasn't been aroused by any of this yet
    ...she is 67, so I'm in hard mode....thanks for the helps me to open up...
    And not be afraid to say things ...
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  13. Combi

    Combi Fapstronaut


    My strategy was :
    1) make a streak of fap w/o porn. My idea was that I can do it whenever I want as long as it is w/o porn.
    It does help to reduce urges in the long run.
    2) after some time in this "soft mode" - I naturally shifted to hardmode - I had enough willpower to stand substantial amount of time of hardmode.
    in this phase my idea is to set little goals to myself each day - goals that strengthen the body and mind, but don't take too much time and tire me. This builds the willpower and helps me on the nofap. My habits are - doing yoga, meditating, reducing time on computer/internet, reading more, doing cold-showers.

    That's my overall strategy.

    I do have relapses. But after every relapse I learn something new - sometimes relapse is triggred by use of alcohol. sometimes by use of marijuana. so I took these things out. some relapses were caused by being taken over with too much stress. these are "small things" that you learn as you go - what triggers a relapse.

    *Thank you for you kind words :)*
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  14. BMW-6er

    BMW-6er Fapstronaut

  15. Gaabriieel

    Gaabriieel Fapstronaut

    Good work man!!! You're an inspiration for me. How long after you've started to see these changes??
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  16. Thanks for sharing your success, it shows all of us this reboot thing is possible.
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  17. aLex is intoxicated

    aLex is intoxicated Fapstronaut

    I would never do veganism. Meat is just too dang tasty to give up. I don't eat the processed garbage from restaurants anymore like I used to.

    I eat mostly a ketogenic diet, which involves a lot of fat and protein, and the easiest sources those come from are meats. Making sure it is organic and grass-fed is another step to making sure the animal you're eating is healthy. Quite honestly, I don't care about the lives of animals. I would hate to admit it, but I just simply don't care. But, they shouldn't be subjected to a life of torture, make sure they are treated well and naturally, and when the time comes, just a clean kill and that's it..

    I noticed I have lost 10 pounds in a month. And gained a couple of muscles working out. However, these past 2 days, I've been eating so much shit, I had a bunch of fruit, spicy pork rhinds, doughnuts, chicken, pizza, fries, and a garlic bread burger with cheese sticks. Blegh.
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  18. K Rudd

    K Rudd New Fapstronaut

    I am day 12 and definitely in flatline. The only time i feel like crying is when my wife is interested in s and I cant get an erection. I have been able to completely turn my back on PMO without too big a problem. I am ignoring all external stimuli and concentrating on admiring my attractive wife, enjoying time with her, noticing her perfume etc. I guess I am trying to make her the only object of my desire.
    I am desperately hoping that NoFap will have the same results for me that it seems to have had for many other men here.
    Well done on 73 days.

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