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    I have been talking with a Chaplin for the past 6 months about self improving myself. The no PMO has been so hard for me the last 6 months. I could never make it past 3 to 4 days. My Chaplin was always talking about discipline. I now after watching and reading about environment I personally think discipline is bull****.

    Discipline has made me depressed and has made me feel bad about myself. Yes we need some discipline in life but after changing my environment I have seen a huge difference. I was buying books on discipline and I needed discipline just to sit down and read something I wasn't interested in. I have been researching things (dating, Nofap, video game addiction stuff) that I wasn't really interested in reading on. Then I would feel bad every time I didn't do it and then telling my chaplin "Ya so I didn't really do much this week" then he tells me "discipline"

    Almost 2 weeks without PMO and sure I know the urges are gonna hit me one of these days but 2 weeks for me is amazing.

    I have been putting books on my computer desk so that way as soon as I get home from work I have that reminder of hey I gotta read a chapter before turning on the computer. Most of the time I am tired after reading and not bothering turning on the computer. I set up my clothes for Jiu jitsu so that way as soon as I get home I have that reminder of oh hey today I got class. I don't have to think about getting ready it is already there. As soon as I get home from jiu jitsu I just grab the next set of clothes and hang them up for the next day. I have been making it more difficult to go to the same store and wasting my money on food I don't need by just simply changing the route I take home.

    I am learning that if you make things you wanna do easier and thing you don't wanna do harder it takes almost no effort. I don't have to feel bad about changing and I don't feel bad failing because it's kinda hard to fail when it's so easy.

    One of these days I will just throw the computer out the windows and never touch it again. If i don't have a computer I can't sit down at the computer to watch Porn or play video games. I am not there yet though. but I have thrown obstacles in the way to make it harder for me.

    This video inspired me to write this down today and I love watching Dan Lok videos.

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