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changing interests

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by tomtom, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. tomtom

    tomtom Fapstronaut

    As the items described in this post used to be a huge trigger for me I used the nsfw code to hide them. Proceed with caution :)

    During my years of PMO habit my interests in P changed significantly from pretty vanilla to more extreme ones, eventually leading to stuff about [nsfw]wife sharing and even cuckolding and SPH[/nsfw], both in my taste of videos and fantasies. I even talked to my wife about those as I tried to stay erect. She didn't really like the idea but wasn't really offended either. Sometimes she went along with it, more often she just ignored it.

    Just recently (perhaps partly as a result of quite frequent sex over the holidays) I've noticed that my interests have changed to [nsfw]not wanting to share my wife with another man but actually have another woman join us[/nsfw], something that I haven't been interested in for years. I'm not saying that this would necessarily be "more normal" but for me it feels like leaving one huge part of my PMO habit behind. It is still beyond plain vanilla stuff but I'm still allowed to have some fantasies, right?

    I feel great and I'm looking forward to having a PMO-free 2015!
  2. Despot

    Despot Fapstronaut

    Fantasies are just part of us all nothing weird about it, and let me tell you... whatever you do irl sexually is better than PMO. May i ask what symptoms you had while you were PMO'ing and which are cured now since you are 4 months free. All the best :)
  3. tomtom

    tomtom Fapstronaut

    The primary symptoms were DE and ED. As a result of those our sex life wasn't as good as it had been and that was probably one of the reasons we started to drift away from each other, I didn't appreciate her like I should have. That in turn lead me to PMO even more...

    I also slept way too little as I spent so much time in the evening and night PMOing. At some point I noticed that I didn't find real joy in most things that I previously did.

    Now my ED and DE are gone, we are closer to each other we've been for a long time and it is not just about better sex. I still don't sleep enough but significantly more than when PMOing and I can actually get things done instead of trying to PMO at every possibility.
  4. 21decisionforlife

    21decisionforlife Fapstronaut

    Well done so far that's the way things have to go that you develop your fantasies and live them. Porn plays with your fantasies and disallows you to live them by sharing an illusion. It is absolutely fine and I know what you are talking about having the same interests with my gf even though we are much younger. And the longer I stay absent the more I feel this is right. Listen to your inner voice that is simply human in my opinion.

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