Charting out a bad habit changed: No more acne picking.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Newlife33, Aug 27, 2019.

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    I started using an app to track when I would behave poorly or fall back into my bad habits. I didn't try to stop them at first, I simply recorded when they occured.

    By doing that it realy threw in my face the amount of times I was doing these habits, and that made me want to change. The data also helped me realize when my relapses occured and found patterns, which allowed to me to sort of "Brace and replace" those bad habits when the triggers came.

    The results were staggering. In just a few months I have completely eliminated the habit. Each day I did not pick my facial acne I checked off a box. The green days were days I succeed, the white were times I failed.

    Along with keeping track I was also going to therapy, group depression meetings and socializing more. My go to replacement for picking my face was instead to go for a 10 minute walk.

    I've attached the data to show the results. Change is possible in all regards, and I'm seeing similar successes with porn, spending and other places.

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    One thing regarding acne: i’ve been misdiagnosed about 12 times so far for having acne, but in reality at our age (over 30) it’s rosacea and it’s a completely different beast. Acne treatments don’t work, they make the skin flare up easier actually.

    My current belief is that rosacea is dietary and emotionally induced. I believe our livers are a little unhappy with what we eat and drink. Emotionally, i believe chronic shame and anxiety make us have a redder skin, prone to getting damaged easily.

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