Chaser Effect PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by yrjyrj, May 3, 2021.

  1. yrjyrj

    yrjyrj Fapstronaut

    hello people!
    about two-two and a half months ago, i relapsed on a 164 day streak.
    since then, i have not been able to get past 17 days.
    the urges that come nowadays are stronger.
    i always end up telling myself, "hey, you haven't enjoyed much, people get stuck in the chaser effect for 5-6 months after a long streak, you've just been in for two months, its okay to relapse."
    or something like: "why are you even doing nofap right now, the average Fapstronaut is 25-26 years old and you are just 17, its okay to fap for a few more years."
    then i relapse.

    truth is, i am an addict. a very severe one actually.
    as im writing this, its 1pm where i live, and i already have relapsed four times in the past 2 hours.
    god knows how severe my addiction will be if i continue for 5-6 more years.

    i give some silly excuse every time and relapse. please help guys, please help!
    i really want to get back on track.
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  2. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    look, no one can do this for you, than you. you already proved that you can do it, so whats holding you back? you oughta have a strong why? for why you do this. i found out, that if your why is self-perfection, you will ultimately always fail, because while the idea sounds alluring to be above your urges and to be strong to resist the temptation, when a strong urge hits you, this alluring idea will go right out of the window compared to how beautiful the instant gratification would feel. so ask yourself, and really think, why is it that you want to do that (nofap). is it because you want to be a better man? then go deeper, and ask yourself, why do you want to be a better man?
    you are emotional like a scrambled egg right now. just believe, that you will feel better in two days. and dont be too hard on yourself. the very fact that you are here and reach out shows that you have good heart and want to become better and are already in the process of being free from pmo. give it time, and dont give up. its a fight you have to take, and as long as you stand up after falling, you will not be defeated. failing and relapsing is not the worst thing; not trying after failing or relapsing is the worst thing. so, get up my brother, and rejoice, for your life awaits you and victory will be in your hands.
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  3. yrjyrj

    yrjyrj Fapstronaut

    thanks man, ill think about a good strong 'why' and share it here.
  4. Drambuie

    Drambuie Fapstronaut

    Keep your mind clear. It will talk you back in.
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  5. Master Chips

    Master Chips Fapstronaut

    What you are experiencing is not a chaser effect, because this happens after a sexual engagement with a partner. What you face is due to binging. When you relapse after a long streak, there will be a craving to do it more, once you more, if you follow it you will enter into the binge cycle, you will feel self-control is tougher than the previous time and more difficult to avoid the next relapse. Later, this may cause tougher withdrawal symptoms in long term.

    Once a relapse happens just stay calm but avoids any further cravings, do not fantasize nor edge by any means because this will lead to the next relapses. It will take some days until the cravings leave you alone and you will be fine with your streak as long as you keep yourself aware.
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  6. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    i was failing at high streak several times, each time i failed its become harder to come back ..

    actually my streak rn is the best streak for about one year after my big relapse, i remembered my big relapse happen when covid first outbreak (early 2020).

    the key to come back is a momentum, u must find the perfect momentum or create it ...

    i am able to come back rn because of fasting, still its so hard but fasting really helped me

    maybe u can try it out,, fasting like a muslim
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  7. yrjyrj

    yrjyrj Fapstronaut

    this is exactly whats happening to me man.
    i'll do everything you say, i just want this binge cycle to end.
    thanks for the advice!
  8. yrjyrj

    yrjyrj Fapstronaut

    i actually am trying to gain weight, not so sure if fasting will help, but i think ill start with skipping lunch for now, then we'll see!
    and yes, i need to create momentum no matter what.
  9. Chefb87

    Chefb87 Fapstronaut


    For being 17years and already have the realization that if I don't stop now, it's only going to be worse. You are well beyond your years !
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  10. IGY

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    NoFap Defender

    These are rationalisations. They are, in effect, the 'voice' addiction. The antidote is to counter those rationalisations with THE TRUTH!

    It is never okay to relapse. You are damaging your brain and, in time, even your penis. You face porn induced erectile dysfunction, even as a teenager! :eek: If you continue masturbating to high speed internet porn, your journey of recovery is going to be longer and more difficult. You are at an age where brain plasticity is greater than it will be in your mid 20s. Therefore, adopting new habits now will be easier. These are facts. And these facts are the countermeasures to addictive rationalisations.

    Here are some tool to help... The Rebooting Toolbox (Tips and Tricks) | NoFap®
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  11. yrjyrj

    yrjyrj Fapstronaut

    thanks man!
    and yea, its true many people my age do fap.
    but i also know a lot of people who dont.
    the good thing is nofap is spreading among the youth. people are getting to know the dark side of porn.

    thanks bro!
    and true, i must really STOP giving excuses. "it is NEVER okay to relapse"!
    i'll also check the toolbox out!

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