Chaser effect. what and why

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by aron, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. aron

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    I want to talk about the chaser effect, and I think it's relevant as some people want to have sex during the reboot and they might fall into its trap.

    According to the definition of this website "Chaser Effect is The super-charged desire to fap that sometimes hits 1-3 days after sexual acts. Especially powerful early on in a reboot".

    I wondered why this happens and here are my thoughts. When having sex, the male, you, needs to be horny to have an erection so that he can enjoy sex. The problem arises that once a couple finishes having sex, the arousal state in the male still persists, sometimes hours or even days after the sex. This is can happen sometimes, and is quite normal. The problem is that this state of sexual arousal causes brain fog, and the capacity to be rational decreases. Rationalizations and excuses happen in this state that lead to relapse. You must remember that more aroused you are the less the rational mind works. Rationalization works in this state because the rational mind doesn't see the flaws in the excuses that you are making. In a normal state of mind you would see that the rationalizations are flawed from a rational point of view, but in the aroused state you fail to notice how wrong they are. After the chance of sex is gone, the brain will start to look for other ways to O, and the only way to do it is MO or PMO.

    This must be my poorest post ever. So to sum up, arousal state persists long after the sexual encounter, and the male will try to find other ways to O, leading to MO or PMO.

    I had also witnessed the full power of the chaser effect. I had sex with my girlfriend and after 15 minutes, while she was sleeping, I was in the bathroom PMOing. I am not proud of that moment, but I learned my lesson of why that happened. In the future, just being aware of what might happen was enough to prevent it from happening again. The key is awareness. There is no need to do anything to protect ourselves from it, except getting educated, aka reading this post and understanding it. This should be enough. The thing is that after sex we let our guards down, and when we do that we get knocked out.
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  2. Devil-May-Fap

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    Far from it aron this post makes total sense to me and sound about right. I was 11 days no PMO or MO and had sex with my girlfriend and the very next night i PMO'd and felt terrible. Now i'm slightly more aware but i'm 16 days in i really want to have sex with the missus because i feel horny as fuck but i have looked at P the last couple of days (images not video) and i am kind of worried that if we have sex after i will let my guard down like you said. I finally managed to install k9 (had a error creating license?!?) and it seems to work well but i need to give my girlfriend the password. At least i will be extra cautious, thanks aron.
  3. William

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    Thanks aron, and Devil too. I am planning on getting lucky tonight and I will be aware of the chaser effect following that. Being aware helps.
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  4. freedomwarrior

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    Good thread, aron. I have saved it and will share it with others who are struggling.
  5. Funken

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    OR keep being responsible for yourself and stay away from porn after you had sex. Chaser effect or not, urges come and go. I don't think sex with a partner should be held responsible for our lapses.
  6. MuzztecAFC

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    I find the chaser effect is strongest for me when I go out interact, talk with and make out with girls at night but don't pull one back and sleep with her. If I bring a girl home and sleep with her, cycle my energy, don't ejaculate or orgasm no chaser effect is felt
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  7. Rav70

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    Muzz sleeping with someone and not having an O would send most men to masturbation. I'd say a lot of women too. That it works for you is mind boggling in my opinion.
    My bf and I are having sex during his reboot. It's been 1 month since he has watched p and m. We have had sex every night except 3 nights I think. A few times we do it 2 times a night.
    We both have high sex drives. 4-5 hours of sleep a night can be rough but I'm not complaining.
    Now, sometimes I worry if I'm not there so we can jump each other would he be more likely to M. Yikes. Am I his new addiction? Time will tell.
  8. nitsuj0786

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    I actually watched a youtube video about this and from what it said your pretty much right on point. When you abstain for a while then have sex it is kind of like you telling your body that ok we are ready to be sexually active again. But the old pathways in your brain are still linked to porn so that is naturally where it wants to go to.
  9. Hyperion83

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    I admit I heard about the chaser-effect for the first time but I know from my own experience that it exists! I believe, that when you can name a thing and you know when it might appear you might be able to prepare for it..., we'll see!
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  10. The chaser effect is really quite simple.
  11. The chaser effect, aka the binge effect, is really quite simple. Think of it as an instinct or impulse. It probably evolved in early mammals, and stayed with that part of the brain, in all mammals, including humans, to the present. Gary Wilson describes it as "the get it while the getting is good" impulse. When the opportunity to breed comes along, take it, because those opportunities are few and far between, and possibly fraught with danger, because while breeding, we are vulnerable to predation. Way back when the impulse evolved, our predecessors did not have leisure time, or time to take their time, when it came to sex. Sex was dangerous, because while it was happening, we were focused on the event, not our natural surroundings. The opportunity for sex, therefore, was not constant, but few and far between. To be most successful, when the opportunity for sex arose, that part of the brain that regulates that impulse/instinct, said, once sex has happened, do it over and over and over, for as long as the mate is available, because, after the event is over, you may never see each other again, or you may die, but, while the opportunity is here to breed, make the most of it. That instinct still exists in the human brain, though the reasons it evolved are largely gone. But, just as that part of the primitive brain that rewards watching porn with a dopamine hit, because it cannot distinguish porn-thoughts from actual sex, we still feel the chaser effect, even though the benefits of it are no longer benefits for most of us. And, of course, as applied to porn use, there is no benefit at all.
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  12. Bentonite_88

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    thanks! very insightful!
  13. Jonathansierra

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    So that's what it is! I would have sex with my ex and immediately after I would pmo and it felt absolutely shitty. "Why the hell am I doing this?" She caught me and it devastated her. Made her feel worthless.
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  14. like
  15. Nector12

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    Thanks for the post aron. You and the other people answering are really helping me.
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  17. GildedSpring

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    I have experienced the chaser effect on many occasions; it does exist.
  18. Gurucito Rimpoche

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    Im pretty sure chaiser effect is because we are addicted to Orgasm, think thats the hardest addiction here, anyway, besides that i wanna say something that i rode and maybe lots of you wont believe but i do and it is about astral worms, that feed from our addiction and feed our addiction at the same time, feed from that energy, so it makes sense to me that people relapse in masturbation after Orgasm, add it that someone have years doing it: it triggers the addiction or it calls back the "wormys"
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  19. Irshad

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    Perhaps that's why going on hard mode and not having even real sex is advised in reboot by many.
    But your post is helpful, very helpful. Thanks.
  20. present2015

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    In my first reboot I had sex with wife and ended eventually mastirbating to porn for a week due to chaser effect. This current reboot had sex with wife on day 63 and chase effect was very minimal. I could control it. Sex was awesome. Still need reboot time.

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