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    Since I left this community because of my faculty and because I had to study a lot, I failed many times, and finally, today, I decided I have to do something! I can't just live like this, and I have to change!
    So you, the one that reads this post and you feel the same, you tried so hard, and you keep failing, I recommend you the last thing you can try before you can say you give up (and you should never give up). Try the chastity device, or the so called: cockcage. That's a very good method to keep your hands off your penis. The cockcage looks like this:


    Also, try getting a girlfriend. That's what I did, and she helped me a lot, even that she doesn't know that I have this problem. I realized tho that I live for someone now, and that I can't just masturbate or watch porn without hurting her soul.

    Good luck guys, and God bless you!
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  2. Lol what if you are trying to recover from humiliation or bdsm or some shit like that and that sort of shit turns you on?
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  3. I've been wearing something like that (pretty much exactly like that but not steel) for the past two days and I don't think I would have made it without the device. Saved my bacon!

    I do know that it can be a fetish device. For a lot of guys with this fetish, it is the fantasy that they are attached to. The reality is something different. It's uncomfortable. Emotionally I feel better when it's on. My anxiety drops almost immediately. The inner battle of masturbate vs not masturbate is over and lost.

    But when I get aroused it hurts. When I'm not aroused, it's just uncomfortable. Right now I am sitting on the edge of my chair because it is crushing my nuts.

    But in the end, it works. It works really well. Hopefully you won't have to wear it often. Just a few hours helped me through yesterday. Today was more difficult so I've had it on for longer.

    Oh, and I don't recommend wearing it to bed. My experience is that I will wake up at least once in the middle of the night in excruciating pain from having nocturnal erections with this thing on.

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