Chastity Tubes: Invaluable tool? Crutch? Masturbation Device?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Davidphd1866, Nov 3, 2017.

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    I had to look up pollyanna. "excessively cheerful or optimistic" That sounds good to me, because I have been on the opposite end of that spectrum. I am very optimistic because I have finally figured out that I am the reason my life is the way it is and thankfully I understand how I can change it. That knowledge is very empowering and gives me great hope and optimism.

    I can only hope for everyone here that they get filled with hope, optimism and cheer too.
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    I tried a chastity tube and locking timer key box. If I'm honest it didn't really help. The whole experience made me think about and desire sex all the more.

    The only exception I'd make is that if you have a partner or AP who is willing to hold the key and discuss with you your urges, this may help. A face to face discussion would snap you back to reality, in a way that staring at the key box won't.
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    Chastity tube? What in tarnation...

    How much is it on Amazon?
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    You are right in that wearing a tube can have the impact of drawing attention to itself. I have found that it took a few weeks to get used to wearing the tube to the point where you forget you are even wearing it.

    You are especially right about having a partner. FAR more effective that way.

    I like to use the "It's a tool" description. Some tools are exactly what you need at times, sometimes they should just sit in the toolbox until you need them. Just like a 3/8" drive ratchet with metric sockets.
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    You are so correct it’s a tool. For severe ED and low self control I think it can be a great help. I also think it shows your partner you are sorry for your actions and now must face the consequences that they dictate by having the key.
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