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Checking in…

For Fapstronauts of the Catholic Christian Faith

  1. Me_vsp

    Me_vsp Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone.
    I’m checking in here - the first time for such a long time.

    I’ve not been doing very well at purity, truth be told. It’s something which is quite deeply engrained from my childhood years and is something I just can’t seem to overcome.

    looking for accountability and spiritual support. I know that this struggle is as much a spiritual battle as it is a physics one, and I feel I’m failing.

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  2. Mara43

    Mara43 Fapstronaut

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  3. Hello @Me_vsp

    Welcome to the group! You’re not alone in your struggle and we will be praying for you! Feel free to start a journal in the group section if you like.

    Keep up the good fight.
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  4. born3

    born3 Fapstronaut

    Welcome back. You can overcome it with Gods help.
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  5. You came back! That was the movement of the Holy Spirit. Now, after coming back, what is the next step?
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  6. CPilot

    CPilot Fapstronaut

    Great to have you back. You are amongst friends when you are here. We each have struggled with the sins against purity. We each have experienced the hopelessness that can come from repeated, serious sins. However, we also know the power of prayer and the healing grace it brings. Welcome! I look forward to being inspired by your thoughts and your struggle for freedom from this sin. I have found freedom from it and I can testify it is possible for all of us to obtain and it is sweet.
  7. Life_of_Socrates_777

    Life_of_Socrates_777 Fapstronaut

    Is there something in particular that makes your struggle difficult? I know for me things started to change when I sought counseling. Learning more about the science behind addiction was a huge eye-opener. Then I became more attuned to the effects of trauma in my life. Because of this experience, I understand more clearly how human nature and grace cooperate to build us up.
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