Checking in at day 86, been no fapping since 2012!

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    Hey what's up guys?

    Basically, I used to frequent these forums in my earlier days particularly in 2016 and 2015 ish. My life has changed so much for the better since doing Nofap.

    I run a business now, I feel more confident powerful and CALM, grounded.

    If you want to be successful on NoFap you need to get your routine down. You need to have a A to Z plan of where you want to go, build a system to get you there...what do I mean by that?

    You need to know what habits you need to build in the morning, evening and during the day. Like neck stretches, posture stretches, going for daily walks, eating fruits, vegetables, reprogramming your mind, looking at success material.

    These days I feel calm and confident. One herb that's helped is Tongkat Ali. It boosts testosterone in the body, I use it every now and then...It's helped me stay calm when talking with chicks.

    Stay away from porn, don't touch your dick. Build habits, socialise, go to the gym, eat healthy foods, surround your mind with empowering healthy things and you'll be a success.
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