Checking Out Ladies and Sexual Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by muterabbit, Aug 7, 2019.

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    When abstaining does the oogling become worse or better? I have noticed my BF at times seems to control it but other times it’s off the charts. I know he is aware because he immediately glances to see if I noticed.
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    Won't lie, but in my case, it does sometimes. I have no problem with my s/o telling me to chill, because it's not a good sign when it happens. Mindfulness from both sides helps.
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    It can absolutely get worse. It's actually a good sign he's not getting his normal fix from porn. That he's actually quitting it.

    It can be good to avoid this as well if you wanted to speed up the reboot process. It's just giving the addicted brain what it wants. You definitely can't stop noticing it but you can make a conscious effort to look down and avoid it. It would be easier not to be places where there is no 'eye candy'. Easier said then done sometimes of course.
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    Good to know. He seems to be more conscious of it. Now I just tell him “ sure we can go to dinner but if if I see you looking at titties, or ass I’ll break your nose”

    we get a good laugh out of it anyway
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