Cherishing The Challenges

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    As a user of PMO, I know the side effects of this has caused me to withdraw from activities like meeting with friends, family, and even simple conversations. Things I've started I wouldn't follow through with. Seeing how my low confidence causes me to doubt even the most simple things, I've wiped up a formula to reverse these effects.

    Using the sexual drive to work for my honor:
    The key in this journey seems to be in the consistency, and conquering missions.
    -Instead of observing the void of depression I'll reverse the feeling by sticking to things that make the quality in the man I know I am.
    Exercising in stead of searching for attention from others. I socialize with my body, giving myself the confirmation that I am first appreciated and have high worth; this is the respect that matters most whether if I'm at work or home, in secret or public.

    What ever I like, I'm doing:

    Boxing and music, work, money, planning. All is good. The point in this is the more time invested in an art or habit, the more the appetite grows night by night.
    Especially after the depression is dissolved.

    Never Allow The Defeated To Rest On You:
    I run into people all the time, most have good intentions, and some have very dangerous intentions. Some are no doubt very hateful, saying good things first and planing your worst. The only thing that should effect you is what you accept for you. Reserve the seat of you heart for your goals, and don't be moved by the invitations of ignorance. Regardless of who says or thinks what, the man you follow is the man you practice.

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    The Truth .
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    Bearly got any sleep and depression was creeping up so I did a few push up's and sit up's. Squats too.
    My body seems to be growing from the last two months of working out, looked in the mirror and lastnight I realized how depression is a liar because I saw so much physical progress.
    #R.I.P Depression
    -So every Sunday is Stone Mountain day. I'll be up there.
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