chest getting buffer after heavy fapping over time

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by eugene bartl, Jul 27, 2020.

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    Has anyone over here experienced his chest becoming bigger after masturbating heavily lik e4-5 times a day for several days.I suddenly became normal to bulky after that,im pretty sure about it because i have undergone three body transformations due to it.My shoulders became wider but i dont want it to continue.I think it may be due to excess growth hormone secreted due to prolactin and i might have got a tumor due to it.Along with that my hairfall increased dramatically and ,hair suddenly went from thick to very thin .I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.., but still cant find the answer to body increase.It is a very rare thing which only seems when you masturbate insanely over a short period of time.If anyone has experienced it ,if so have they found any solutions to it.please reply
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    I am not sure if you can be absolutely certain this is the case, your body might seem different depending on your water hydration and or mood. I am not completely excluding the possibility, but imagining a tumor and what not might be a bit out there. just do no pmo for couple of months and see how things go for you.
  4. don't self diagnose please
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    What you are describing is puberty. Most men do not realize that puberty can last until age 22 or 23. It normally doesn't end until age 21 - which is why most pediatricians want to see you for your 21st birthday checkup and then hand you off to adult care.

    Wider shoulders. Loss of hair, body hair growth. All are just puberty taking its time.
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  6. Yeah dude you’re just filling out it has nothing to do with pmo lol
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    Contact physician and stop diagnosing yourself, fabbing has nothing to do with muscle growth and hair loss ,all these are just assumptions and nothing to do with reality .
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