chronic masturbator for 20 years now i am trying to leave this habit

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by superstardom, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Hello, i was a chronic masturbator from age of 14, 2-3 times a day some times once a day in that manner i continued these years and never understood that it affects my brain i was thinking that i am below average brain boy so my career gone damaged i had no friends i was a dull dumb guy only alone these years,my right part of body is thinner than left one with loose muscles in right arm.i have nothing good in life. But now from one week i left masturbation and from 1 month i am doing meditation to change my life...after reading in this forum experiences of diffrent people i know i will be in better position in life .. right now with meditaion and no fapping challenge i am feeling better and active..
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    Great you are in a super place for support. Keep going beyond one month. :)
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    My Journal
    Meditation coupled with nofap will bring you to some new places :D keep it on!
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    Totally on the good side of the street, keep going :)
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    im 14 and quitting thsi shit maaaan but i started quitting before 14 but still quitting maaaan
    good luck and keep on going maaaaan
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    great bro but did you just watched friends episode where joey picks up jamaican accent...cos your maaaaan is too long maaaan
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    after 2 weeeks my nofap breaked while chatting with girls....and again next day morning also....
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    Hey man, take a moment to NOT beat yourself up and just look at how it happened ; What you've been thinking about when you engaged in chatting ; What you felt then ; What you wanted at this moment ; and fast forward to right now and what you feel right now ; how far is it form what you wanted ; what could've you done differently ; how it feels to realize that ; and finally what you think you'll do next time the same situation/feelings arise.

    You broke nothing but a bit of your pride, it's fine, it grows back (especially when you get these streaks you're looking for, that's something to be proud of!)

    Keep yourself up from the ground, trust that you can get up, and start walking again :)
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  9. It's more difficult than it looks or sounds, but if others can do it, so can you and I. As Churchill said, never, never, never give up!
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    Hello friends how r u all ??? hopefully ur all fine ... as i mentioned above i was chronic masturbator and what are all things happened in life.... now again i started of NoFap with determination and i completed 43 days from november 27 2016 ... now days i felt some withdrawl symptoms such as
    1) headache
    2)Errosion of teeth for which i had to extract tooth due to severe pain and next teeth is also affected
    3) i felt sometimes highly depressed
    4)irritated that i loose my temper which was before also when i was fapping
    6) i am feeling horny and while bowel moment due to constipation some sort semen like fluid releases.

    good things experiencing now is as follows
    1) feeling smart
    2) feeling confident but yet long way to go..

    again i will write what i will experience further....
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