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    I can't speak for daveplaysguitar90, but for me it is simple to retract the foreskin when my penis is flaccid, for example when peeing or showering. When my penis is erect, it is longer of course, so the foreskin no longer covers the head. It can be pulled forward onto a bit of the head, for example during masturbation, but it doesn't stay there.
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    I think this is an american thing, and yes your thoughts are normal. I'm not circumsized but I'd be horrified if I was. You've always been so you might not think it's that big a deal, but getting parts of my dick cut off is nightmare fuel for me. What I'm about to say next a lot might not agree with, but I think people find excuses for it (girls like it more, more clean, etc) because they want to rationalize going through that by people they love the most (their parents). I would not cut off my foreskin so girls like it more, and I wouldn't do it for hygiene either, especially since we have showers available 24/7 these days.
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    I had that too. Talk to your doctor about it and tell him/her circumcision is not on the table. Mine prescribed me a steroid cream I'd just apply every morning and night, and within six months I went from never being able to retract it at all (not even flacid) to having no problems with it.
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    I'm uncircumcised (as we don't really do that junk here) and I don't get the excitement over circumcision. My opinion is there really is little or no benefit of it in the 21st century. Human males have been able to get the job done for hundreds of thousands of years. ;)

    I've never had phimosis, nor a UTI, and I literally have to keep my dick unwashed for a week before I get smegma issues. Also, the skin prevents friction on the vaginal walls during sex, while simultaneously acting as a second vagina, so I see a benefit from that.

    So I honestly don't get the point.

    That said, it's not like circumcision's the end of the world like what intactivists describe it.
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  5. I got circumcised a few months ago because of a misdiagnosis I feel
    Shame, sadness and anger
    All the time I never wanted this I just wanted to know what was wrong now I know now I lost too much my trust is broken as well as my spirit I lost years because of worry American doctors are quacks
  6. Is there anyway I can feel better about myself? Or my circumcision? I keep reading all this negative stuff about circumcision and it just depresses me and I feel disgusting everyone else just says it’s clean witch I find annoying this has to be my life’s greatest tragedy
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    What happened? You got misdiagnosed?
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    dude, you can feel better, when you start to accept, that thats the way it is. you cant change it, so live with it. and for the love of god, stop reading such stuff, you are just feeding your ego. look, its no big a deal, if you dont make it one. i know, because i have been circumcised too when i was a boy. i had phimosis, or what they call it, and my mom just let a doctor do it. of course i would never do it, and if i could, i would return it, but theres nothing i can do now. so i live with it, and i couldnt care less. if you respect yourself, other will respect you. look at sly stallone, that guy cant even talk straight, yet hes achieved great things. if he were to cry about his misfortune and be sad, we would never have heard of him. its all about what you do with it dude. everyone has his defects. accept them, when you cant change them, and move on. for me, real acceptance came with time, also, i was playing ice hockey, and in the locker room no one cared, so i did neither.
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    Thank God im Christian otherwise i would be circunsized

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