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  1. francoa6915

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    As title says, Im clean for 2 years, and I thank god for this.
    Quitting porn is a step every men should do without doubt.
    I was 20 years old when I found out about NoFap, I was into self development and I found out about this, I was virign and I simply had enough.
    I went hard core, thats how I do with most of the things I really want to achieve.
    The things that helped me:
    Cold showers.
    I have reached finally a 12 percent body fat, and lost 10 kilos during my journey.
    After 3 months of being clean, I have finally met a girl and we fucked and finally also lost my virginity, ever since I kept talking with girls non stop, and kept going on.
    After one year and few months, I have reached a flatline, my hunger for girls disappeared, and I took a break.
    The past few months, I have been bulking and working out, also discovered RedPilled, and focused on myself only.
    My hunger for girls became so big, I cant wait to finish my cutting and get back to the game.
    Qutting porn made me look women in other eyes as I used to.
    Im no longer that picky, and im basically attracted to many women which I didnt believe I would.
    Porn fucks your attraction to women.
    Porn fucks your dick, it might now stand up when she kisses you and sits on you.
    Porn fucks your brain and you feel depressed as fuck.
    Porn fucks youe self development.
    Its not about Fapping, its about Porn.
    Lately, I have been trying to see how my dick reacts to fapping without any porn, simply by just touching and a little bit fantasy about the women I used to be, and It feels amazing.
    My dick stands out without touching myself, I feel like i have been cured.
    Im horny as hell, getting up during the day.
    Qutting porn was the best thing I have ever done.
  2. AspiringHuman

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    Great that you did this so early in your life! Great things await you undoubtedly now that you are free of P. Watch out for M though- in my experience it has always led back to P, but who knows maybe not for everyone? At your age I was not sensitive to the great energy loss caused by ejaculating semen , but now I am more aware of it. If you regulate it you can do many great things. Best,
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    That's really a great achievement at such a young age! I really wish I could realize earlier, that what I was doing over these 19~20 years (masturbation) was so wrong. Sometimes I feel so sad, it was like I've wasted the best years of my life, and I am still struggling with my journey so far. Your story definitely inspires me, and I will keep fighting as well. Keep up with the good work and wish you a happy life!
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  4. francoa6915

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    I understand what you say by losing energy, when you cum, you lose vitamin’s, and one of the main Vitamins which you lose is Zinc.
    I take also a multivitamin Daily, and it contains Zinc.
    Basically what chills my urge is cold showers.
    i have stopped taking them ever since I caught Corona Virus, might return to taking them.
    Basically, Im not planning on fapping since im going to get with girls, but since I took a break and decided to focus on myself, I wanted to try few things and see whats going on with fapping, also Im trying right now to focus on holding my cum and not cumming fast in the near future when I get with some chick, and explore my sexuality and try to reach mutli orgasms.
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  5. thikk

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    Well done! However, I would be very careful with m. You're healthy and can have sex, focus on building relationships and have sex with women. M always gradually brings you back.

    Also, use the new found focus to make meaningful improvements and progress in your life. We are addicts unfortunately, even when we are clean for years the habit could come back. And when you face stresses and difficulties in life you'll be at risk of relapsing. So build a life that you are comfortable with, good social circle, and you always know your goals and what you'd like to achieve in future.
  6. Have you ever faced premature ejaculation during your addiction? If yes, how is it now? How long can you stay during intercourse without cumming? What is your refractory period?
  7. francoa6915

    francoa6915 New Fapstronaut

    I have been having wet dreams non stop during this time, and even started rubbing myself on the bed, dreaming I used to fuck this girl I fucked before til i cum, and also I have edged myself once with my hand so I dont cum fast and stop before, since the last girl i was with i bust a nut in her.
    At the moment Im 3 months on break from girls, since i was bulking, and now im cutting, and planning on returning after i finish my cut.
  8. francoa6915

    francoa6915 New Fapstronaut

    Its something Im trying to work right now, I tried once fapping to only hold my cum, I can say it also feels amazing, you feel mutli orgasms when you do this.
    When i used to fuck with this girl, It took me probably 2-3 minutes till i cum, well it was also without condom
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  9. Furozima10

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    I was thinking exactly like you and Was motivated like you!

    Untill i recently discovered about : Black pill from a youtuber called: Wheat Waffles

    It ruined my visions of Life and girls...

    I wish I never found out about the black pill concept it totally killed my motivation to fight PMO. and made me loose all hopes.
  10. thikk

    thikk Fapstronaut

    I think you need to sort things with yourself. That pretty much says that you have many sex thoughts/ urges and are not getting laid. Don't use excuses like taking a break, don't touch yourself or m. Get out of your comfort zone and build a healthy life with goals and relationships. Otherwise, people who get clean but their lives are a mess simply stay in the addiction. Good luck.
  11. Do you think 2-3 minutes is ok? Actually, I am a virgin and I think I suffer from PE as I cum within a minute. So I am curious if NoFap can help me solve this problem. You being 2 years clean can stay 2-3 mins I wonder if that's the max a normal human can achieve
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    Whatch this discussion might help me you see another perspective

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