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    What this thread is

    I've started a brown rice-based cleansing diet, as inspired by joyprovider's waterfasting thread here

    This thread is a journal of meals and sensations related to the diet, which is less aggresive than a fast, but I work and drive a lot so can't afford the weakness and dizzyness that come with fasting.

    Might do water fasts during the weekends though. Haven't decided.

    So let's get this started.

    Symptoms that made me fast

    A month ago I moved back with my parents, have been eating a lot of flour, and got constipated to the point of abdominal pain and visible swolleness in the belly. Heartburn, Reflux, difficulty sleeping because I felt so full. Also, I can't exercise due to injury so might be gaining weight. Eventually, I watched a youtube vid on candida overgrowth (which now I can't find) and felt identified with every sypmtom except for PMS (guy here).

    So I asked myself, since I can't exercise and will not PMO, then what do I do with all this energy?

    The answer? I'll just stop putting energy in my system, no more sugar, no flour. I'll fast or something.

    Also, I have a lot of pimples :(. And insist on being nervous. And horrid flatulence since moving in with the folks.

    Research Is where most of my information comes from. The rest was me googling and stuff.

    Day 1

    Breakfast: Pasta with Pesto sauce and protein shake with banana (had not decided to fast yet)

    At about 8 am I read joyprovider's thread and decide to fast, but with brown rice.

    Lunch: Brown rice and an orange (couldn't collect all the ingredients for orange ginger rice, so just ate the orange XD)

    Dinner: Strawberry juice and tomato soup with shrimps (restaurant). Then small portion of brown rice with pesto at home 'cus bit hungry.

    - IMPORTANT: I used to eat 5 times a day immensely. Still not hungry. Craving, but not hungry.
    - Bloating is there but not painful anymore.
    - Less nervous
    - Anger comes and goes.
    - I know seafood is not included in cleansing diets, but I'm worried about my protein intake. If you saw how skinny my arms are, you would not protest to fish.

    Day 2

    Breakfast: Brown rice with Pesto Sauce.

    Lunch: Fish, Salad with vegetables I don't know how to call in english (will get back to you with an edit later on this) and brown rice.

    Also, very, very small portions.

    Dinner: Later XD...

    - Extremely bloated after the fish. My tummy protests the fish.
    - Very, very slight dizziness, but not hungry.
    - Flatulence is almost entirely gone. Except after the fish.
    - Still less nervous.
    - Can strangely focus more easily on my breathing.
    - Less angry.
    - Slight weakness which somehow feels soothing, like my body doesn't have the energy to be stressed.
    - Happy to be eating healthy!!! Can't even tell you how much!

    Abstinence and eating healthy

    Eating healthy as an addition to abstinence feels like you began with purity of body (no PMO), purity of mind (less thoughts about PMO), and now purity of body follows by logical consecuence.

    I am zen student, planning on becoming a monk in the future, and now I really feel like spirituality entered my life. Full thrust. I feel driven. I feel full of purpose.

    Not eating sugar makes your dopamine levels drop. No PMO'ing makes your dopamine levels drop. So what are you gonna do now that you don't have nasty ways of getting your dopamine? Are you gonna achieve something? Talk to some girls? Follow your bliss? Read some good books?

    Purify the body-mind, so your soul can lead the way.
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    Nice! Good luck with your cleansing diet semi-fast, it sounds promising. Hope to read your experiences here. Some interesting articles on that allaboutfasting website by the way, the brown rice fast looks very promising for me personally.

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