Cleavage photos on Instagram, my number 1 cause of relapses

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by StayClean&Proactive, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. StayClean&Proactive

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    I know what you're all gonna say, I should get rid of all social media. That isn't the problem, since I use it for my hobbies and to keep in touch with people. How do I find ways to combat this, and reduce my chances of having a relapse while not having to get rid of Instagram. Snapchat stories are very short, which is a good thing, since it won't give me enough time to relapse to the image. Snapchat has never caused me any issues since the stories are usually very brief. Any ideas?
  2. Divine By Design

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    Sounds like your brain trying to rationalize why it's fine to look at porn substitutes.
  3. jrm61

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    If you're ADAMANT about staying on social media, then I think a solution would be to block/unfriend/unfollow anybody and anything that would lead you to a relapse.
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  4. pump20

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    Turn it off. Turn it off. It got quiet did it?
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  5. StayClean&Proactive

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    I'm gonna limit my usage to the platform
  6. DaleEarnhartJr

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    I’m someone that was (is) having the same issue. Delete Instagram because it is the number one thing leading to relapse, but downloading it a few days later because it’s what I do to keep up with hobbies.

    what I found really helps is setting my usage on my iPhone to 5 minutes a day. It keeps me on track to scroll
    Through the accounts I follow (friends, records, wrestling) and prevents me from checking the search function which might have photos ajd toktoks which are triggering. You can of course bypass this, but it really triggers your brain to say “what the fuck am I wasting all this time for?”
  7. DaleEarnhartJr

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    Actually, to add to this convo, are there any apps that actually allow you to block instagram/Twitter etc? I tried to find one for a while but all I could
    Find are ones that monitor time spent
  8. Agent

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    Here's a tip, like lots of stuff related to your hobbies and it will become really hard to find provocative images on explore page, and simply block every page you find having those videos of images that triggers your addiction
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  9. Instead of removing, you can practice intentionally distracting yourself. When you see a arousing photo instagram quickly navigate away to something else or change topic and think about something. Stopping and staring is the worst thing you can do and can lead to a slipup/relapse in my opinion
  10. Dizzy Lotus

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    @sleepingdragon_3388's suggestion is good, but personally I would suggest actively doing something when coming across a trigger. Navigating to something else is somewhat active, but it feels a bit like ignoring it, and ignoring triggers can make the temptation grow in the background, for you to come back to it later. Personally, when I come across a trigger I pray and then write it down in a notebook. The latter is something I've heard about few people doing, but it has helped me a lot to acknowledge a trigger and put it down. Get a lingerie ad? I'll take note of it, and then move on. Once I start simply ignoring the ads instead, there will come a moment shortly in which I pretend to ignore it but actually click on it. Edit: Of course there are options besides notebooks. The reason I went for a notebook is that I can also use it if the temptations are so great that I have to stop using the web.
  11. Instagram does not keep you alive. Therefore, it's not needed in your life. If you were trying to give up drinking bleach would you keep a bottle of bleach around and have a drink of it every now and again?

    I read many things on NoFap that sound exactly what you've written. People, mostly men, want to rid their lives of porn but want to have just one more peek. There is no such thing as just one more peek.


    I have deleted several apps now because I have decided that what I want in my life is way more important than being caught in the porn trap. I haven't given up anything by deleting the apps. I have just decided that what I want in my life is way more important to me than what I don't want in my life. But what would I know, I am a non-user of porn who is one peek away from relapsing.
  12. Well at least you're not into tummies, no hiding from those.

    To answer your question, I think it's a bit of a process. You need to understand yourself and why you choose to look at these photos in the first place. They put your mind in a happy place, but why do you need that? You should be able to stay happy without them.
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