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Do you like the new day rank requirements?

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  1. I like it

  2. I liked the previous one better

  1. [​IMG]
    Coming Soon!

    This is going to be another great website hosted by PythonAnywhere.
    PythonAnywhere lets you host, run, and code Python in the cloud. Our free plan gives you access to machines with everything already set up for you. You can develop and host your website or any other code directly from your browser without having to install software or manage your own server.
    Need more power? Upgraded plans start at $5/month.
    You can find out more about PythonAnywhere here.
    Developer info

    Hi! If this is your PythonAnywhere-hosted site, then you're almost there — you just need to create a web app to handle this domain.
    Go to the "Web" tab inside PythonAnywhere and click "Add a new web app". If you already have a web app and you want to use the same code for this domain (say because you've just upgraded and want the site you built at yourusername.pythonanywhere.com to run on www.yourdomain.com) then this help page should explain everything.
    If you're having problems getting it all working, drop us a line at [email protected], or in the forums, or using the "Send feedback" link on the site. We'll get back to you as fast as we can!


    +Spare me the details. How do I join?
    1. If you haven't already, set up your nofap counter.
    2. Sign up! If everything goes right you'll eventually land on a page containing your new badge. You're now in the challenge!
    3. If you want to use the badge, just copy and paste it in your signature or anywhere else.
    +Is this for me?
    If your streak is under 90 days, yes!
    +Do I need to check in?
    No, you don't. With one exception - in order to complete the 90 day challenge and permanently acquire the highest rank 13, you need to explicitly ask for it in this thread.
    +How do I get a rank?
    Ranks are awarded for reaching a certain amount of days. With a new rank comes a new title. The exception is the Elements faction where you get a new title every day.
    +I relapsed. What happens next?
    After you update your counter, your rank drops to 0. Unless you've already completed the challenge in which case you keep rank 13.

    +I joined a faction but now I'd like to choose a different one.
    Shoot me a message. But there's one condition: your new faction has to have less members than your current one!
    +My badge/the rank list is not up to date!
    They can take up to an hour to update.
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  2. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    You are hilarious! I'm still not clear about the nofap day counter. Does it get replaced by your counter?
  3. I clarified stuff a bit. Read the last two Qs.
  4. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    Your badge looks cool. Cooler than nofap's for sure. Thanks!

    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Looks nice! How'd you make the counter?
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  6. Leo Szilard

    Leo Szilard Fapstronaut

    Prepare to feel the wrath of Rome.
    I will win , you can all quit now
  7. Leo Szilard

    Leo Szilard Fapstronaut

    Part 0

    I have suffered because of my enslavement to instant gratification , I shall no more be the human driven by animal impulses but an animal governed by rational thought.
    First Victory is over Self

  8. If Rome developed nuclear weapons, the Teutons wouldn't stand a chance.
  9. shields.io
  10. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    yeah, said the slave.
  11. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

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  12. Leo Szilard

    Leo Szilard Fapstronaut

    Good comment from a dockworker , All you do is unload :)

    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Too complicated. But I like it
  14. Okay, I automated the last bit away. The member list will now update itself once every 24 hours.
  15. Too bad I am ineligible for this! lol
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  16. I advise you keep it that way :)
  17. There's a solution...
  18. I'm getting kicked out of the forums in 3.. 2..
  19. More than a week into the challenge and nobody relapsed yet. Great job!

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