Clothing, Comfort, and desensitising

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    This is a serious post... and this forum appears to be the most relevant to post it in... If I am wrong I'm very sorry and I will post it elsewhere.

    I tend to wear clothing that I feel comfortable in, however, I'm noticing a distinct trend that if, for example, the fabrics are too comfortable then it can become a source of biological distraction "down there".

    To this end, I wondered what sorts of underwear and fabrics would be best for someone who struggles with this. I've considered even buying clothing that is made from rougher and more uncomfortable fabrics like hemp for these areas.

    Also, is it ok to, or has anyone ever considered "desensitising" particularly sensitive areas that could become a source of distraction. I know that many men have had a procedure done on that areas as an infant. I have considered having the procedure, however it would be permanent and may have complications as an adult.

    To this end I have considered purchasing cream or gel containing 5% lidocaine as a numbing agent, simply to reduce the sensitivity of that area and to prevent it from being a source of distraction. I know that Lidocaine is a temporary numbing agent, although I would be using it on a semi/ongoing basis.

    I have already gained nearly 2 weeks of No PMO (Although I have experienced a brief lapse into M) and I'm simply thinking ahead as far as possible to avoid anything at all that could derail me.

    Thank you,
  2. Clothes that is a good method.

    lidocaine it seems a clever idea to use occasionally even do it numbs more the exogenous area and doesn't really prevent you to have an erection or orgasm. Usually it's use to treat premature ejaculation but could work in some ocassion of urges in celibacy. You'll have to try it.

    If you are talking about some medical castration on the procedure you mention I'll say is of no use. Because lust is not in your penis is in your head.

    If you are castrated lust will just find another outlet to express itself, probably more deranged than simple masturbation with your penis.
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    Hi @Tilopa - thank you for your input and feedback. The procedure I was referring to was that of Circumcision. I should have just said it outright rather than dancing around the subject and just assuming that everyone knew what I was referring to.

    Very true as to the source of lust - I guess that would make meditation and mindfulness far more useful strategies for riding out these urges.

    Thank you for helping me make another day of NoFAP NoPMO.
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    Do you know all muslim in the world do circumcision. Even 50% of the Americans do circumcision of their kids. Traditionally, the US medical establishment promoted male circumcision as a preventative measure for an array of pathologies including reduced risks of penile cancer, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and even cervical cancer in sexual partners.
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