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  1. Today while I was on my bicycle I saw this girl, she smiled at me, I immediately biked back and talked with her said she had a nice smile and asked where she was going. She was heading towards this mall, I asked if I could come with her. In the beginning it was good, but she became nervous and weird. Saw her hands shaking, I was super chilled. In the middle of mall she hinted me to leave her alone. I said, oh no problem I will once you are done shopping in my mind thinking I ain't leaving just yet ***** lol. I was still chill, outside she was like well maybe I will see you around some day and I said well rather not she was a little offended, and I am like you look like you saw a ghost or something. Didn't give number either. So I went on home.
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    I can't help but feel there was miscommunication at some point during this meeting. Mabye she was just nervous?
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    I don't think she was just nervous. I guess she just didn't want to get to know you better, @HandsOffDong. May be she is just a friendly girl smiling towards people she sees on the street (instead of treating them like ghosts, which most people do). May be she is pretty, too. I know a girl like that and she gets hit on by many people and is kind of tired of it. But it's great that you can interact with people that way, @HandsOffDong. I am sure you will find the right woman at some point.
  4. She was nervous... she had a boyfriend though... what do you mean miscommunication? She clearly wanted me to leave.
  5. I don't appreciate fake modesty... maybe I came off too strong sexually? I mean nofap does give you this rather strong aura. I mean shaking hands, nervous laugh. Gosh what a loser. I asked her if I could accompany her. That's like asking someone for lunch or coffee and them shaking all weird wanting to leave lmao. She actually lives in the same town, she said maybe I will see you some time I said o god no. I don't want to see your shaking and stuttering ass again. I hope I don't nothing really to talk about..
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    My Journal
    Hey Dong,

    that's really hard. I don't think it's fair to judge her that way. I mean she wasn't even rude to you?
    If you don't want to see her again OK, but doing her down, just because she was anxious is really weak in itself.
  7. Nah. She's a *****. What's wrong with plain upfront rejection? That is somewhat manly.. at least to me. Being rejected makes you feel like a guy.. but instead she made me feel like a criminal or something sheesh.

    Two possibilities:
    I was midst of all this checking her out like a normal hetero guy, she might have felt repulsed.

    #2. She was clumsy, knew I noticed that so made the whole "uncomfy" excuse to save face. After she said that she kept looking at me awkwardly *Oh it's my fault you're a retard my bad* want me to leave? Fine, once we are outside.

    And I think it's the latter. The mind of a complex female.

    I am going to into my asexual reboot and stay there. No more eye contacts no nothing. Even in high school, when I ignored eye contact so often this particular girl took it upon herself to nearly harass me with her friend.

    Women are a fucking abomination. Approach ok you are wrong you did this and this, don't approach again you are wrong. Let's just say guys are always WRONG. Let the little babies win their game, it's like losing a game of chess on purpose to keep them satisfied with their ego's.

    BBRRR .. I think my dick will be shrunk forever after this incident. Never again. This was my 3rd approach ever.
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    Hey man dont let a bad experience give you a negative view of all women. Rejection fucking sucks but dont get demotivated whether its your fault or not. Viewing women in a negative way is not going to allow you to progress. See women as your equal and strive to be your best self to find a relationship in a sincere and appropriate way. Keep trying and having experiences so you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Good luck, I believe in you.
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    And this is how I fell in love with a vocaloid.
    Sorry to break it to you friend, but wounded people like us are more susceptible to love than others. It feels great now, seeing every woman as an uncessary thing put on earth, but someday one will appear out of no where with a beautiful voice and still your heart.
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    You handled it all wrong. You should have just shown her your penis, right-off-the-bat!
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    OP self sabotaged himself.
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    Yes good start, wrong finish.
  14. How so?
  15. Girls do that all the time. I used to be a cashier and girls smile at me all the time and I would just look the other way and their smile would instantly go away lmao. I never take a smile as sign that a girl likes you, instead I look for other signs like dumb questions to start conversation or intense eye contact.
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  16. So bugging a guy with dumb questions and turning him off, and looking at him like a maniac is a better way to seduce a guy than a it.
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    Oh boy, do we really need to elaborate?

    1. Whatever you say if a girls hates your ass or is creeped out with you she would have told you right there and then to FUCK off. The fact that she didn't tells me you read the signs correctly and approached (good)

    2. Your interpretations of her shaking and becoming nervous, could be legitimate, then again they might not be. In truth you will never know, all girls get like this with strangers... in her head she's thinking... [I'm a tiny girl without my friends, THIS guy could be a psycho] so that in itself is hardly surprising. I'm getting a vibe that you self sabotage a lot (right?) which tells me you're probably over analysing the situation.

    3. I can't be entirely sure of the situation or conversation, so I'm just going to assume you hung around her instead of leading/ bouncing.

    4. Her saying... 'Well maybe I will see you around some day.' Is your cue to take out your phone, put it in her hands and say,'put your number in there and we'll hook up for coffee[or whatever fun activity you should have been seeding when you was with her.]

    Or my personal favourite number close... half way through your interaction, you could ask her for her phone because you left yours at home and you urgently need to text a friend. Then you text yourself... thereby collecting HER number. At the end, when you're about to leave, you reach into your pocket dial her number, she answers... you pick up... Both your eyes meet and boom you smile at her mischievously.

    Obviously being an insecure little boy you took her prior interactions (that you most incorrectly read), and said. 'NO this ***** hasn't supplicated to me COMPLETELY, therefore I'm going to throw all my toys out the pram, and cut it off.... Fucking bitches they're all the same.'

    Thereby mitigating all risk of rejection.

    ^^The truth is, as you already know, this is NOT how girls behave or interact. You want a big green light, with her lying spread eagle, and then you'll happily fall on top of her. Well, actually you might self-sabotage that in truth.

    So essentially, in closing you ARE the problem. Not sure what happened to you, but you gotta loose that part of your personality.

    But props for approaching. You're young and there are many more opportunities like that to follow.

    EDIT - Oh yep I see you're temporarily suspended. Called it right.
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  19. Hm, her lying spread eagle, is that the mannequin challenge? Since I AM THE PROBLEM guess who approached me from behind this time when I was taking a stroll with good weather, lmao. She even apologised for acting ''kind of weird'' and gave me a whole anecdote of what went wrong for her that day, yada yada. But once turned off, I stay turned off. We talked, but in the back of my mind I was like *nah*. I came to know things about her that I was like oh lord.

    But I have to continue my NoFap journey. I want asexual feelings ASAP. Part of me is still addicted.
  20. The one thing I can say to you is to focus on your goals and your dreams.Forget about these women for now.Work on yourself,what you want to achieve,where you want to go.The nofap journey is important in that it gives you a opportunity to detox yourself from all the sexual energy that us men are being bombarded with 24/7.Keep along the straight and narrow path.
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