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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Freedom_from_PMO, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Have anybody average looking ever succeded with cold approach? I recently wanted to approach a girl and the public but I resigned. Is it worth it? Any adcice? I don't want to do this often, but I sometimes see someone interesting in the street and I feel like I am losing opportunity on the other hand I have no experience with that.
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    Man do it ! Approach is like a muscle the more you use it’s stronger , but don’t try to take anything from her not her number or a date just approach you don’t need her she needs you bottom line if your gonna do it go but do it because you actually want to say something like you look nice in that dress my name is whatever I’m new here but if the conversation sparks there you go but if you feel it dying and u desperately ask for her number what do you think you look like ?
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    The people who are the most successful in social interactions are those that are okay with things not going their way. They're okay with rejection. They're okay with making mistakes. They are able to handle negative experiences. They are able to bask in uncertainty and step outside their comfort zone in regards to something that's beyond their current competence and confidence level. They are willing to take more risks, fail more, and thus having more success (+ learning from more experiences).

    Become someone that interacts with people anywhere throughout your day. Not just when some rare opportunity comes along. With all types of people. Not just women you find attractive. You'll eventually see that people are just people. Then you won't place so much unnecessary importance on a woman's physical attributes.

    This is how you become better with approaching women you don't know. Because you become the type of person that interacts with everyone. So it becomes a natural consequence to be able to strike up conversations with women. Because they aren't scary anymore. They're just flawed human beings like everyone else.

    But of course, most guys aren't willing to do this and become that kind of person. They want the bulletproof mastery pick up 50 women in 10 minutes never get rejected techniques which reinforces the belief that they aren't able to handle when things doesn't go their way... unable to handle the fact that not everyone will be interested in you and not everything will work out in your favor.
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    What elevate has said is bang on.

    For me when I cold approach I expect a rejection so I'm mentally prepared for it and it doesnt come as a shock. Its simply a numbers game, the more you do, the better you get and rejection becomes nothing (exposure therapy). Eventually you'll find your rejection to success ratio swings in your favor.

    I work in sales and I'm rejected daily. Early in my career I took it personally, now I see it as an opportunity to learn and improve and make some good money in the process ;)
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    Most of my experience with girls comes from cold approach.

    My first kiss was from a girl that I cold approached.

    Also met a super hot fit 31 yo woman (i am 24 and skinny-normal) who invited me to the movies and had sex with her multiple times.

    So, is it worth it?

    Gat damn it is if you ask me.

    But I had countless rejections and some good successes before this.

    To win on this you have to double your rate of failure. It's a numbers game.

    Take a quick look into this:
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