Cold energy coarsing through my chest and throat

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Is the cool breeze felt by you?

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  1. Idk its weird but everytime i start nofap and abstaining, when im about to sleep or im just thinking to myself at night i feel like theres this weird feeling travelling up my chest or my throat region. Its like its going up and clearing my airways and feels kinda cool and I want to know if its just me or is there an explanation behind this phenomena. You could almost describe like a eucalyptus or like vicks vaporub has been ingested and you can feel a cool breeze travelling down your throat.
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  2. It_is_time

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    No, sorry. It's just you :)
  3. MoreEnergy

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    Dude, finally someone who experienced something similar enough to use "eucalyptus" as a characterization. I got that after 12 days of nofap, a cold breeze blowing in my face, around my forehead and mouth. First I got scared, because I thought an entity was there in the room blowing in my face ... but then I read that your body is able "to suck in energy into its own aura through acupuncture points" when it begins to recover from a trauma. And PMO is a huge trauma, which cannot get underestimated.
  4. Could you link the place where you read that from? I'm inrwrested because i nwver viewed pmo as traumatic.
  5. Pepezapallito

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    Es la energía Kundalini trabajando en los chakras del corazón y garganta.
  6. Pepezapallito, has sentido agitaciones emocionales intensas durante el despertar de Kundalini?
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    Hola yo también estoy en proceso y me pasa exactamente lo mismo. Estoy practicando la retención de semen, pero estoy en pareja con mi esposa y a veces no puedo. Pero he leído sobre Kundalini.
  8. Yo e leido que la retención de semen eleva la kundalini y todo tipo de emociones que fueron negadas por muchos anos salen a la superficie. Estoy pasando por un despertar espiritual por varios anos y a veces se siente como una montaña rusa emocional. No es facil. :'( Al menos no estamos solos hermano.
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  9. Pepezapallito

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    Contá conmigo para compartir experiencias y reflexiones
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  10. Gracias, mi hermano. Y buen trabajo con 51 dias. :)

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