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    Day 15 achieved!
    Since I suffered that nocturnal emission a few days ago, I have been worried about my behavior. I no longer have all that enthusiasm for studying, although I still do. I know the way to overcome this addiction is to exchange the dirty thoughts for the thoughts from the rebooting materials.

    I think I should pay close attention to my behavior, especially at night, which is the period of time where I suffer the most relapses.
    Yesterday, for example, I had a lot of dinner and drank 2 beers while watching a soccer game with my friends. I suppose socializing is not bad because it is a very important area on this reboot path, but, even if it has made it through the night and remains clean; I think if I don't take care of the little details there will never be a hard reset.

    I am in a period in which I am experiencing benefits, withdrawal symptoms, high and low emotions and, above all, emotions of fear and anguish when I experience some situations of rejection or at least I interpret them that way.

    One of the benefits that I have noticed and did not know if it was my paranoia; they were the cold in the hands and in the feet. Both in winter and in summer my hands and feet seemed as if inside the veins there were not blood but ice. Thanks to Soaring Eagle I have been able to understand that even that cold in the extremities of my body were symptoms caused by PMO.

    Here's what Soaring Eagle has to say on this topic:
    “Everyone has different constitutions, some people are born with a naturally strong constitution. If a level of exhaustion is not reached, there will be no symptoms. But for me who have a weak constitution, the symptoms would appear with the slightest sign of exhaustion. I remember a brother once mentioned that he had a naturally strong constitution and that he did not feel cold even with his arms exposed during the winter; then due to frequent masturbation, yang kidney was injured, all four limbs felt cold even during summer. The yang kidney has become deficient. "

    Now that I've been clean for 15 days, my limbs feel a little warmer. My feet don't feel so numb from the cold anymore. It is true that I still feel that intense cold, but not so often anymore. Every day I feel like the blood warms my hands and feet. I don't know why this happens, but everything has an explanation. The explanation is that the PMO fucks you down to the smallest details of your life.

    Let's go for day 16 clean!
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    That is ballsy man. Congrats on a 15 day streak. Hope you stick along

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