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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Israfeel, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Hi everyone!
    I was reading in other self-improvement threads about cold shower amazing effects.
    So im starting this challenge for a week and if it was cool we will continue it.
    Feel free to join me in this journey : )

    1. I'm going to do this every day at least for 30 second, under shower in coldest temp possible.
    I'll try to do it very early in the morning before sunset. But if I wasn't up I'll do it some other time.

    2. I am going to research cold shower advantages more and share it with you guys.
    And after actually doing this challenge i will tell you how much of the things i read was true.

    I'll be happy if you write what you know or have experienced relevantly here. Plus it's great if you share useful links about cold shower for everyone to check out...

    Looking forward to rock this challenge alongside nofap community.
    Have a great reboot everyone : )
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  2. Israfeel

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    Day1, Jul8: check

    In all addictions or bad habits, there is always on thing in common. And thats "overrewarding yourself for doing nothing".
    Thats what make you weak, shy, and lazy... In an addiction. Because little by little your body refuses to work hard in order to earn that reward.

    Now, in addition to all of its positive effects on your body, nerve system, and mind this habit of cold shower can help you strat building your willpower back up alongside rebooting.

    Finally you should pay attention that in the nature and natural life, there is only cold water... Just like there is no "free reward" in natural life. You have to earn it, and thats what makes it worth!

    Good luck and happy rebooting everyone : )

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