Cold shower for my balls every morning

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by depeche69, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. depeche69

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  2. silex_jedi

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    491% ? that's mean between 4 or 5 times more "fertile"... that's not relatively small at all. but be careful, here it's about not heating your testicles rather than cooling them in cold water.

    "don't take hot showers"
  3. PeterGrip

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    What are you gonna do with all that sperm?
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  4. depeche69

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    Absorb/transmute to get the SR benefits
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  5. PeterGrip

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    The manufacturing process has to take energy from somewhere
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  6. JLD

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    It's a good idea. It also helps to put an icepack on your balls for 15-20 mins.
  7. Rev2.0

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    I've been doing this too. It's not fun but it helps keep urges down and it seems to be making my balls bigger in their normal state.
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  8. rj6457

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    I was doing this a couple of weeks ago. Every day I would take an ice cold shower and I found it to be amazing. It’s very difficult when you’re taking a shower and somewhat painful but if you embrace the pain and take a moderately long shower after you get out it is unbelievable how tuned in you get and I am and how my body reacts to it. I am invigorated and just feel alive. I get stuff done and my body is woken out of its slumber. If you’re in a bad mood or anxious or stressed out I highly recommend a cold shower. I haven’t been taking them for a week because I’m battling a cold and I just don’t feel like taking a cold shower with a bad cold. But I will return to them eventually. There are so many benefits plus it helps you as an addict if you’re struggling.
  9. locked boy nyc

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    Can you get the benefits of a cold shower if you only make the water cold for the last half or something? In other words, start with a hot or luke warm shower and then switch to ice cold at the end? I've read so much about cold showers, but I live in New York and we pay for our own heat, so we keep the apartment pretty cold. That means when I wake up I'm already chilly, and I feel like getting straight into an ice cold shower would make me sick, or at the very least, be absolutely miserable. On top of that, I shave each day in the shower because the moisture helps my skin, so my showers are longer than most guys. But as long as I keep it luke warm (not hot) and then do 3-5 minutes on cold, that should still be better than nothing, right?
  10. IGY

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    NB: If you do this, wrap the ice in a towel. Never apply ice directly to the scrotum.
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  11. Ice22

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    I also do that but only about 1-2 times a week.
    Another thing said to boost semen production + also boost testosterone is letting the sun shine on your balls.
    Just don't do it on the beach.

    May sound funny to some people but these methods makes a lot of sense.
    Semen likes it cool, and Vitamin-D is essential for testosterone production along with many other functions in the body. It's an incredibly important Vitamin and very underrated. Our skin stores Vitamin D from the sun (also Vitamin C!) so letting the sun shine on your balls must be extra effective. And the best of all, the sun is for free! But hurry up and do it before satan himself (Bill Gates) blocks out the sun with chemtrails.
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  12. Arnulf

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    Sun your balls, fellas! I'm serious. Probably one of the best things you can do for your health. Been doing it for years.

    As for the cold showers, I've done it on and off for a few years, but not very often. During my reboot this time around I will implement them regularly. I started with 20 seconds of ice cold water and almost hyperventilating. I'm already doing 1 minute now and I have started to manage to calm down my breathing.

    I mainly did it was a way to recover my dopamine levels, at it has been shown to increase dopamine by 250 % in the hours after the long shower (I dont have the study, but Huberma talks about this). Probably because it just sucks so much that everything feels better once you are out of it, haha. So the opposite of something like cocaine (or PORN) that will just skyrocket your dopamine and then crash below baseline when it is over. Cold shower seems to actually raise the baseline a little. So it sounds like a valuable tool for recovering!

    As I am trying to improve my fertility to have a family, this study you posted was VERY motivating/helpful/interesting. Thank you!

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