Cold shower is making me sick?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deforio11, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Deforio11

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    I always took a hot shower, sometimes in the past I took a cold shower for a few weeks, I didn't feel any damage.
    but now I'm back to taking a cold shower, and instead of adapting to the temperature with the passing of the days it's just getting more and more difficult to take a cold shower, sometimes I feel very cold even though it's a pleasant climate, I measure my temperature and she it's lower than it should be, my skin feels hot, while i feel cold, and drowsy.

    was it the cold bath's fault?
  2. ADMG

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    Sorry, I don't have a direct answer to your question, but wanted to share my own experience with cold showers.

    I've often taken cold showers, and have never had those effects. Usually the opposite... and I find that it really helps my immune system (as in, everyone around me will get sick but I won't get sick).

    How long have you been taking cold showers during this stretch? I find that it takes about 10 consecutive days "to get used to them" (as much as one can!). Have you tried increasing the temperature just a bit?

    As a last resort, if you are particularly concerned, you can try this half measure: take a normal warm/hot shower, but finish the last minute or two cold... they're not as helpful, but it still helps.
  3. Deforio11

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    thanks for the tip, i have been taking cold baths for a week around there, i have already felt the benefits of it in other times that i practiced, but this time is different, today is a hot day, but i am feeling very cold.
    as soon as possible I will see a doctor to see if I have any disease
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    Is winter, in my opinion is not a wise thing to do, i take hot shower, in summer i do cpld shower and i feel a lot of energy.
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