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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by cadia guardsman, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Yep i tried ,i tried but nooooo i cant do cold shower , its so painful , and the only time i did it , after that i experienced alot of heat(my ears were burning) and swet , NoFap is easier than cold shower
  2. I did the 30 days challenge easing myself in on temperature during the first 14 days and now I can get a hot-to-cold-shower without issues. If it hurts, the water is not cold enough, as cold water actually numbs the nerves, so you don't sense anything.
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    When I did cold showers for about two months, I started by doing five minutes, starting with lukewarm water and every half minute moving to colder and colder. Every few days I tried to either make the water colder or to stay longer than five minutes.
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    I used to be like you guys....but after starting cold showers few days ago I actually learn to love, it helps me to fight off the urges to masturbate, and look at porn, and it clears my mind from everything probably cause im focus on the cold instead porn and other thoughts, it feels nice on a hot summer day...etc

    I would get a regular hot shower first then I would turn it to the coldest section for the last few minutes....but now I go straight in the cold showers to wash my body and I like it surprisingly....pardon me while I go grab one lol

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