Cold showers and how cold does it have to be?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by A_glass1900, Jan 17, 2020.

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    I have taken cold showers a couple times in the past. I havnt took a cold shower recently, because of the winter season. And Im very afraid of stepping into an Icy cold shower. When I first step into the shower, I usually start off the cold shower by turning the knob to the warm/hot water temperature for three minutes. When the time past, I slowly turn the knob to the cold water of whatever I want the temperature to be for another three more minutes. Is this the right way of taking the cold shower?
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    All the way to the coldest setting, and do it at once.
    1. Having it the coldest is good, health-wise. Just don't keep your head/neck under it.
    2. But, more importantly, setting it to cold, immediately, from the beginning, trains you to go outside your comfort zone and avoid the instinctive avoidance of the unknown. After you train yourself mentally to be adventurous, you will find that approaching girls will not seem as hard anymore.
    If you gradually make it cold, that's fine, but it really does work wonders when you overcome the flinch, or the fear of the unknown.
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