Cold Showers or Hot Showers into Cold Showers

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Kirby123, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Kirby123

    Kirby123 Fapstronaut

    Is a hot shower into a cold shower a lot worse than just jumping into a cold shower? The way I think is I use hot water to clean out my pores then cold water. What do you guys think?
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  2. SuperPowers

    SuperPowers Fapstronaut

    Not if you ease into it. I wash my dick on cool slight warm and then ease into cold
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  3. tiredofbeingtired

    tiredofbeingtired Fapstronaut

    They're not magic. The primary benefit of cold showers is the subjective way they make you feel. Therefore choose based on what you're trying to get out of it. If you're trying to overcome the fear/discomfort you feel in the morning, starting cold may help. I just want to be woken, pumped up, and have the air feel warm so I start easy then finish cold.
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  4. I do lukewarm, bearable, for the functional part of my shower then ease into cold. Slightly colder, get used to it. Slightly colder, get used to it. By the end it’s freezing and I’m making involuntary whooping noises and get extremely (non sexually) aroused. Ready to go!
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  5. parad0x

    parad0x Fapstronaut

    My routine is

    Arctic blast -OFF

    Lather up soap

    Arctic blast to rinse - OFF

    Then in evening I enjoy a warm shower.
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  6. Rizzo1771 the Artiste

    Rizzo1771 the Artiste Fapstronaut

    hmmm... seems I should just overall start showing more often...

    what is a good time to take a shower you guys?
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  7. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Fapstronaut

    Cold showers gibe me the burst of energy I need in the morning for the rest of the day. I also think that they help with "stoicism", if you believe in that; I think that 'being able to find comfort in discomfort' is a minor but cool thing to be proud of, and cold showers help me does exactly that.

    I have showers twice a day on weekdays but once a day on weekends. I have one in the morning to give myself energy and to smell good for the day, and one in the evening cause I just like going to bed recently moistened (sounds kinda weird I know). As for the routine of getting in the shower, I just blast it on maximum cold and ease myself into it for about 30 seconds before fully submerging myself into that ice cold water!
  8. Rizzo1771 the Artiste

    Rizzo1771 the Artiste Fapstronaut

    Well, I've taken cold showers before, and sometimes switch from hot to cold, but, I'm not very stoic about it, I kind of just start hyperventalating and feeling a rush, and even though there is no pain involved, it just almost overwhelms me, and that's why I haven't done them very often.

    Is there a certain mentality I should go into with the cold shower thing? or a mantra or somthing that could help?

    usually(atleast recently) I've beet taking warm/hot showers in the morning, then when they get too long, I switch it up to cold, then freak out and end the shower... So I don't think I'm doing the cold shower right, and am not also getting benefits from doing it.

    is there a particular reason you do it other than stoicism?
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  9. Hot showers aren’t really good for anything, except for maybe stripping your natural oils away and leaving you with dry/itchy skin over time. I aim for just under lukewarm and by the end it goes cold, not only am I more awake but my skin feels better too.
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