Cold showers too cold

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  1. IggyIshness

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    Its winter so cold water is more cold durin summer. When i was taking cold showers during summer it wasnt as hard as now. I start getting a bad headache and feel like im about to faint. What do i do? Should i put a little bit of warm water so it doesnt freeze me into a chunk of ice?
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  2. ReturnToGlory

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    LOL. Dude, don't hurt yourself. Just take a shower cold enough to give you the same jolt you got in the summer, but no so cold as to freeze you.
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  3. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    And do not stand there so long you suffer from hypothermia. That can be dangerous. You can add some warm or just speed it up. I get no idea that you are a weak wimp, you do not need to hurt yourself trying to prove to yourself that you are not a wimp. Stay healthy.
  4. BigCheese

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    Don't keep your head under the shower head for too long. Don't be a wimp either, its only the first few seconds you need to get used to before you don't feel the cold. Plus the more days you go, the greater the tolerance youll build
  5. IggyIshness

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    I tried that. Its freezing cold.
  6. WatchMeRise

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    I used to have cold showers, until a day I almost killed myself.
    It was February and I was in Norway, it had been something like -20°C the whole day and I was already pretty cold when I got home from work in the evening, where I shared the common areas with some girls but I had my own bathroom and bedroom.
    I really wanted to go for a warm shower, but for the sake of the streak I decided to go full-cold instead.

    I turned the knob all the way to the cold end, plunged into the freezing cold water and, as always, started taking slow and deep breaths to prevent shaking.
    But something strange occurred, possibly within the very first 20 seconds or so: I felt incredibly light-headed and I lost my footing by simply standing still. I could not tell up from down, left from right, I was panicking and yet I moved sluggishly, fumbling until I managed to turn the hot knob and heat up the water to a decent temperature.
    I sat down and stood under the pleasantly warm flow for something like 15 minutes, then I carefully stood up and came out of the shower.

    And then it came to me that I was alone in my bathroom and, had I passed out, I would have surely died of hypothermia because of that dumb move of mine.
    Since then I have only had warm showers except in the summer.

    So if the weather is too cold, avoid cold showers.

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