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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by angelina, Mar 22, 2017.

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    I started taking cold showers 3 days ago, and I love it. I`ve taken cold shower before, but only because it was too hot or there was no warm water. But now it`s winter and it`s quite cold, and I actually look forward to my cold showers. The idea of it sounds odd, but if you go with the right motivation I believe you will like it. Don`t be a pussy and start slowly by taking some cold water and rubbing on your body before you get in, just go under the shower and turn it on at once. My showers now takes 5 times less time and I feel like I jumped off a cliff after them, and I actually feel warm after the shower, as opposite to the hot showers I used to take where getting out of the shower was the worst part and I felt really cold. I totally recommend it.
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  3. angelina

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    okay i will try again. and wow that's amazing! nice job
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    Well i do cold showers 1-3x per day for few months now. To be honest, i dont think this can help u fight against PMO at all, but maybe thast just me... however its deffo awesome thing to do. U build your health in many ways and its also good for your psychical condition...
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    I never tried cold water bath but after reading this I'll try it tomorrow itself. Will let you know the results after it. :emoji_smile:
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    They are awesome. I take cold baths since around 3 months, daily. I am going to take my second cold shower now.
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    i have been taking cold showers twice a day for 30ish days and its just amazing... amazing way to start your day is to meditate ( i use the app Headspace) 10 minutes and take a cold shower for 10 minutes.
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    I took my first cold shower yesterday. It felt so good. I went into shock at first but
    Then I got warmer after ive been in there for a while. Very relaxing.
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  9. They are very good! I take them in the morning when I wake up. I just stopped taking them in the evening since they do activate the fight or flight response which is not useful before bed. I slept better than usual last night so hopefully that continues. But yeah it's well worth it. A good strategy to get yourself to go in is to turn the shower on and then set a timer and as soon as you hit start you run in without second thoughts. This works because you are not giving your mind time to think of an excuse. Hope this helps, good luck.
  10. sean kost

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    Helps alot man relaxes my body and mind. It also helps me sleep better at night as well.
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  11. I take scolding hot showers. I know, I know. I'm a rebel. :emoji_sunglasses:
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    Nothing wrong with that
  13. I Free I

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    I Love Cold Showers .
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    Did it couple of times, priceless experience !

    Also I'm kinda cold shower addict, without it in the morning I cannot think properly. But I started to take warm showers daily morning two years ago and maybe it's about grounding nature of water that helps me to wake up.
  15. I love taking them! I find they keep my skin looking better (less acne on the face and body, less dry skin) and I always feel AMAZING afterwards! I definitely recommend them!
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  16. sean kost

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    I took a very cold shower im super addicted to cold showers
  17. IggyIshness

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    After cold showers i have an urge to kill myself..
  18. Covert

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    What I am trying to understand is that I bath in regular temperature water flown from the tap, I don't even prefer warm bath in winter also unless I am sick or cough & cold like situations, etc does this falls in the category of cold shower? If not guide me to it.
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    @Covert People do different techniques for cold shower. Many turn it cold for the last 2 to 5 minutes. I turn it cold the whole time, but take a while to get all the way in since our water is still frigid winter cold, and I'm apparently not Nordic enough.

    @Scruff nailed it, though. That's exactly what it feels like. And, that little addiction/urge nonsense becomes an altogether smaller beast!

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