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    Anyone here going to college? I am getting married in 2 weeks. I will be able to file as independent [also turning 24 in January, aside from being married then] and I am wondering how "broke" you are in college.

    I ask for a couple reasons. I have an expectation of paying my current bills. I currently have a car payment, rent, internet, cell phone, car insurance and my current gas bill due to my commute [which is soon to be drastically reduced, new job is 30 miles closer to home, same job different office].

    So the question comes in here. The college I want, which is a community college, is ~16,500 estimated per year. I don't know if I will get any money to me through grants ect. yet because I have not reached a point where I have begun to fill those out ect. but I am wondering, will I be able to borrow money and pay my bills while I am in school? My GF will be able to pick up some slack ect. and I do expect to work [hopefully full time] but I do not know what to expect financially. I just want to know that I can get through school with loans if I need them and maybe some ball parks of student loan repayments if you don't mind sharing... like 30k debt = 300 / month payment if that makes sense as I do not know what to expect as a payment.

    I am going to school for Nursing as it is the field I am currently in. The job outlook here is good and I have great connections in the local hospital so job wise I am quite confident of getting into exactly where I want to work.

    tl;dr can I pay my bills with student loans? is it a bad idea? can I work full time as a full time student and not die? I can do 100% of my studying at work, even projects ect. with all the free time I have there.
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