Colonizing other worlds

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    Greetings Fapstronauts..

    Since we're on a space-person metaphor...ever think about about what you'd do if you were offered a one-way ticket to colonize another planet?

    I've played that silly team-management game a dozen or more times where you have to rank 11 things in order of importance if you were to go live on the moon...and matches is never the most important one...but one-way...that'd be a trick eh? Think about it from the perspective of an 18thC person coming over from Europe to North America to set up a 'new life' -- often leaving everything and everyone behind. Or the current wave of refugees from many places in the world to many others...

    I don't know that I'd want that ticket...comfortable enough here I think and not really in need of some grand new adventure..
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  2. Space travel doesn't really induce claustrophobia and fear of death that it should in many people because of all the scifi we consume. If you were to set out to colonize the ocean floor I think you'd get much less volunteers even though that would be a much safer enterprise.

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