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    I thought I'd move this thread from here, where I first posted it, to create a space for the sharing of any learning, thoughts and questions gained from studying / pondering the Book of Mormon this year (2020).


    Who else is keen to read the Book of Mormon this year and to follow the Come Follow Me schedule and to return here to share insights, questions, testimony, and encouragement as it relates to our challenge with PMO etc? I am. Let's do this!!

    Here's the study guide for Come Follow Me: Book Of Mormon 2020

    Next week's reading:
    January 6–12, 1 Nephi 1–7, “I Will Go and Do”

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  2. I wonder why Laman and Lemuel even left Jerusalem in the first place? They knew they disagreed with their father yet they still packed up the camel, leaving their precious things behind and went off into the unknown with their family.

    1 Nephi 2
    11 Now this he spake because of the stiffneckedness of Laman and Lemuel; for behold they did murmur in many things against their father, because he was a visionary man, and had led them out of the land of Jerusalem, to leave the land of their inheritance, and their gold, and their silver, and their precious things, to perish in the wilderness. And this they said he had done because of the foolish imaginations of his heart.

    12 And thus Laman and Lemuel, being the eldest, did murmur against their father. And they did murmur because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them.

    13 Neither did they believe that Jerusalem, that great city, could be destroyed according to the words of the prophets. And they were like unto the Jews who were at Jerusalem, who sought to take away the life of my father.

    14 And it came to pass that my father did speak unto them in the valley of Lemuel, with power, being filled with the Spirit, until their frames did shake before him. And he did confound them, that they durst not utter against him; wherefore, they did as he commanded them.
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  3. I am really enjoying the inclusion of Book of Mormon videos (indicated by the picture icon to the right) within the Book of Mormon on the Gospel Library app. Love viewing the videos as they relate to what I'm reading.

    View attachment 25413
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  4. I'm enjoying reading the Book of Mormon again. I've lost count of how many times I've read it cover to cover to date. I love how I discover new 'treasures' each time I 'feast' from it's pages. This week I felt Nephi's intent in keeping records more than before and it strengthened my testimony of the purpose of the Book of Mormon. From 1 Nephi 6 verse 4 we read:

    4 For the fulness of mine intent is that I may persuade men to come unto the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and be saved.
    5 Wherefore, the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write, but the things which are pleasing unto God and unto those who are not of the world.
    6 Wherefore, I shall give commandment unto my seed, that they shall not occupy these plates with things which are not of worth unto the children of men.

    Nephi is such a wonderful example to us of a faithful man. I look forward to the day where I can embrace Nephi and thank him for being so faithful!
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  5. What does the river in Lehi’s Dream represent?

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  6. I really enjoyed studying Lehi’s Dream. I learned so much last week about the different things in the dream and their symbolic meanings. I also learned more about the various groups of people. It is true that each of us, at various stages of our life’s journey, are represented in the dream.

    I know that I have approached the tree and have tasted of it’s fruit. And yes I can honestly say that the fruit was more sweeter, more exquisite than anything I have experienced or tasted before. Oh the joy and peace that flooded my soul when I partook of Christ’s love and pure forgiveness. I will always keep those precious moments in my mind and heart. They’re like spiritual benchmarks that spur me on when the going gets tough.

    The mists of darkness are everywhere and creep in ever so quietly and unannounced like a fog that if we aren’t aware or let go of the iron rod then we’re bound to relapse.

    I have found myself in that dirty river many times too. I’ve been drowning and sometimes felt near death but through the loving mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who has provided the iron rod right next to the river, I have been able to reach out and grab hold of the iron rod and been brought back to safety. Oh how I am ever so grateful for the loving mercies of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and love and wisdom of our Heavenly Father. His word truly has a wonderful effect on my soul. I love the Book of Mormon and all scriptures. I will continue to praise our God for His loving ways and matchless wisdom.

    I’m now ready to study next week’s chapters:

    January 20–26
    1 Nephi 11–15
    “Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God”
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  7. Growing up in the church I had heard the Catholic Church being referred to by various church members as the ‘great and abominable church.’ I have heard different things over the years so it’s good to have this cleared up by what Elder Oaks has taught on the subject. I like how he clarifies certain points of doctrine. We’re really blessed to have him and I’m really grateful he magnifies his calling as an Apostle. Below is from the Come Follow Me manual for this week’s reading.

    Reading 1 Nephi 13:1–9; 14:9–11
    What is the “great and abominable church” that Nephi saw?

    Elder Dallin H. Oaks explained that the “great and abominable church” described by Nephi represents “any philosophy or organization that opposes belief in God. And the ‘captivity’ into which this ‘church’ seeks to bring the saints will not be so much physical confinement as the captivity of false ideas” (“Stand as Witnesses of God,” Ensign, Mar. 2015, 32).
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  8. As I've been reading this year, I've been thinking about the phrase, 'cry unto the Lord.'

    Here's an example where Lehi cried unto the Lord for his sons, Laman and Lemuel:
    But, behold, Laman and Lemuel would not hearken unto my words; and being grieved because of the hardness of their hearts I cried unto the Lord for them. (1 Nephi 2:18)​

    Crying unto the Lord can mean saying our prayers out loud as opposed to in our minds/head. It can also mean putting all our emotion and expression into our prayers. If we take the former, and say our prayers out loudly to Heavenly Father about our struggles with PMO, can Satan then get a heads up about our 'weak places'? I mean, in sports or competing business, I'd never tell the opposition what my weak points are in my ability or strategy to win. It would be like saying, 'hey opposition, it's best to attack my such and such, that's the best way to conquer me.'
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    Sorry this conversation has mostly been with yourself! Time is an issue for me. So, please do pardon the lack of participation. I like what you're doing here. Please know that our family is definitely using the Come Follow Me curriculum on Sundays for instruction in our home, and often we reference it for FHE now, as well. We have adult children as well who are invited over sometimes to participate and/or help lead discussions.

    This, in particular is a beautiful testimony. I've felt those same things, as well. Drowning in filth. And, anchored in a tornado of darkness. Getting back into the light is very very difficult (at least for me) so it's always better to stay on the covenant path.
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    For this week, I'm thinking a lot about how much trust Nephi placed in Jacob. Isn't it interesting that God placed so much trust in the fourth and fifth sons in a family? It's not like we all have to be born into just the right circumstance. Do all you can with what you've been blessed with.
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  11. The Old Testament kinda the themnof eldest sons who aren’t worthy. Esau & Rueben come to mind. And younger sons who end up carrying the mantle, like Jacob/Israel and Joseph of Egypt. Perhaps there is a little more to Nephi’s brother’s names than I realized before.
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  12. Hey thanks brother! Yes, I understand the 'time' issue. I have reduced my online time this year and it's been a very good thing. Spending time online is one of my weaknesses. If I don't watch myself I venture off into forbidden places. So limited my time online is a good thing.

    Good on you for keeping the gospel alive in your home. My family have our own challenges, as I'm sure most modern LDS families do. And now we'll be having Sacrament meeting in our home with the plight of the Corona virus spreading itself across the globe.

    Anyways, thanks for your input and insights. I agree about staying on the covenant path. If only I have kept the faith and fought the good fight. Oh well, onward and upwards from here. I'm 72 days clean today!!!! Woohoo. Am feeling mighty cuffed about that.
  13. Good insights my friend. In my family it's the middle children that have stayed in the church, and on the covenant path. I'm one of them - not that I've always stayed on the covenant path - but I wish my older siblings were willing to follow the Lord. I personally think if they were they would have a big influence on our younger siblings.
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    These verses resonated with me today taken from Jacob 4:6-7:
    "Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea.

    Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace, and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things."

    My hope and faith has increased as I've studied what Prophets have written/said. With this faith I have commanded this (PMO) weakness to be gone and I know through the grace and condescension of Jesus Christ that I am able to overcome this weakness. And in time it can be turned into a strength. I hold on to this hope every day. I'm so grateful for a loving, all wise, all merciful Father in Heaven who blesses our lives with Prophets.

    The more I learn about the condescension of Jesus the more appreciation and gratitude I have for Him.

    "The condescension of the Lord Jesus Christ generally refers to His leaving His high and holy station in heaven and coming to live as a man on earth to accomplish the Atonement and Resurrection. ... Jesus told the Father, “Send me” (Abraham 3:27) because He loved God our Eternal Father and because He loved us." David L. Frischknecht
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