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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Gnathan, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Gnathan

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    i started my account about 2 or 3 years ago and i was doing good. i would go without porn for about 1 week or 2 weeks. i was also going to group meetings. then i stopped coming to this site and stopped going to meetings. now i am watching almost everyday and maybe 2 times a day.
    i am on the verge of getting pron induced ED first time in my life. When people talk about ED i always thought i am not going to get it. i am solid down there. now it goes soft. after 2 or 3 days of not watching porn and if i meet a girl, it goes hard...but eventually if she is not doing crazy good it goes soft...while performing it goes soft...i am embarrassed. and suicidal for first time in life. but still i keep watching porn.

    i have an addiction.
    i wish there was meds we can take to stop the addiction just like for opiod addiction or smoking.

    what should i do? how should i stop this addiction?

    i am in my lowest of lowest in terms of life. i am only 31. alone. and i have no friends here. i turned to porn...and now it is eating my life away. all my bad habits are due to porn and porn only.

    i dont know why it is legal in countries. porn should be banned or only access through username and password and should be paying to watch it. not be available on millions of website for free. if alcohol and marijuana and other products such as cigarettes has health warnings on the boxes and only be purchased by adults and in special stores.....then why isnt porn? porn also causes health and mental problems...just like drugs...

    this is going to be my first day and and i hope to be here. i am looking for friends and supporting members here. i hope to find that here.

    please help me.
  2. Candun

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    Welcome back! Glad to see you're on the path to recovery again. For me I think the two main keys are having the right mindset and building the right habits. My personal mindset is screw P and I want it out of my life for good, and I'm trying to build good habits like exercise, working, going outside, etc.
  3. stark01

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    Welcome back @Gnathan, this community is the best thing that happened to me. I had tried to quit masturbation in the past on my own but failed to do it (the longest I could do was 30 days). I suggest you to start writing a journal here and you will certainly feel better. It's helping me currently and I'm committed to leave this habit completely. There is some magic in this community. Give it a try. I'm looking forward to read your journey.

    You already made the first right step of coming back here. You can do it! :)

  4. Gnathan

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    thank you and i am hoping that this community helps me and i find the resources i can. i have tried many times and i failed but i guess i only fail if i stop trying. as long as i am trying then i am on the right path.
    it has been almost 2 days without porn or masturbation and i hope to continue this streak. most importantly, i am noticing porn induced ED at 31 and i am not even married. this is very concerning and sad. i really hope this is it. this has to be the final try that will get me over that hump.
    thank you guys!! for all the support.
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  5. stop_it_tommy

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    Welcome back my friend.Don't worry, once you conquer the big urges especially at the starting point, you will gain more courage to fight with other urges.

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