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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Masquerade, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Masquerade

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    Hello friends.
    I am not new to this forum but I was out from this for a while.I don't know how much my counter is showing( I can't see that) but today I am on day 54.My longest streak was 400 days.
    This thread is for all those who repeatedly relapse during loneliest times. Its because I was also one of that kind but now I am not. I'll share my exp and how I overcame it.
    My toughest battle were those times when I ended up in my house alone when my family go out. Though I could resist the temptation most of the time it was still difficult. I had my relapses during those days. After that I got busy with my college and had to move out from home. Now I am living alone and independently. First three times I relapsed because I was not aware how to tackle this issue.
    Later I made up my mind and realized that to overcome my addiction this was the last step I had to take. Being mindful about my actions helped me. Whenever I got urges I reminded myself about 'the last step'.
    Now being alone in my room won't get me to relapse because I have conquered my greatest enemy.
    The war was truly worth and the light showed up in the end.
    Feel free to ask me any doubts. I will try to help you in all possible ways.
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    Hello Masquerade. I'm fairly new to this community. What does 'the last step' mean?
  3. Masquerade

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    It varies people to people. In my case overcoming temptations at the time when I am not alone were easy for me. But alone time were the hardest. So that was my 'last step' to have self control over myself and my addiction.
    First of all identifying your triggers and accepting them is the main thing. My trigger was aloneness and I conquered it
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