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    Hello everybody,

    It's been a long time since I posted anything on the site.
    Unfortunately, having no social media accounts means being almost completely alone, which leads to having no relationships (loving or sexual) with the opposite sex.
    I found that the loneliness has tought me such invaluable lessons, especially about the power of prayer, avoiding pride and seeking the true Knowledge, that of God. Struggling with OCDs, anxiety and depression I was able thanks to prayer and the Scriptures to almost eliminate them.. I'm coming back here because I feel there is so much power to NoFap, as a way of life. Unfortunately Internet can tend traps to the uncareful. If you're a true Christian or Muslim, make no idle worship (which today means looking for approval, pursuing vane desires, giving in to your fears, etc.) then God is with you, no matter how harsh life may look to yourego.

    I wonder why I fell after several months of starting to enjoy the company of women at work for instance, and understanding what a blessing they are to men also… As I was watching those half-naked women online today, I could wonder.. Are they really happy?, Are they afraid instead?
    From now on, my goal is not to watch naked bodies (not even in my mind), be humble and possibly to masturbate as little as possible with no pictures associated.
    If the voice inside tells that you will never be able to find any friends or anyone, ignore her and ask help to God, even if she seems to be right.

    The words of God (whichever you choose) are the best companions, they give a fresh breath of hope and shield you from any bad feeling. I hope I'm giving encouragement to someone here^
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