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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by GripStrength, Apr 8, 2021.

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    An experienced woman once said to me: if it was all about size we would all be sat at home with massive dildos! Haha
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  2. and yet 95% of vibrators and dildos are bigger than the average sized penis. Given the choice, most women will opt for at least slightly larger than average. A big dick is a bonus. Let's not pretend that it isn't.
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    Sit in your mother’s basement, you do.
  4. Comparing what?

    ...if you watched Brooklyn 99, then the usual Terry's reaction applies here. Let me quote: "WHYYYY?!"
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    Sith are shit , Nazgul rules
  6. Peaceful magic 21

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    What size would you be satisfied with?
  7. Peaceful magic 21

    Peaceful magic 21 Fapstronaut

    I imagine if you had your dream Peni there would be something else you didn’t like. My Willy is 7.5 but my hands are annoyingly small lol see what I mean!
  8. If I were a woman, I imagine that perhaps 5.5 inches could potentially satisfy, but I would prefer at least 6 inches with good girth.
    If I were to get with a man (not really my thing), I would again prefer at least 6 inches and could imagine myself being fixated on holding and comparing mine to his . . .
    For myself, I am satisfied with 4.5 inches. That's what I have, I accept it, and it's hard to imagine what it would be like to have something bigger (i.e. more embarrassing and/or uncomfortable erections)

    Not sure. I'm quite happy with my body, though like many I'm sure I would prefer whiter, straighter teeth, more youthful skin and less body fat.

    Any relation to the Donald? :D
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  9. Peaceful magic 21

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    These are strong hands, they can hit a golf ball 10m away.
    I’d like 6” girth really to be confident down there. But also being a perfectionist I’d probably still find something to stress about
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    Its definitely in our heads about penis size. I know mine is not a very big size. Women have told me they like it. More than one so i know its not them being nice about it.

    I bet most pied symptoms are caused by our insecurities with our bodies and performance. Porn gives impossible standards in that regard for us to handle.

    We need to believe in ourselves more.
  11. Lynx93

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    Yeah is troubling, but I hear you as well GripStreght. I usually find myself comparing, and wanting to have at least a slightly bigger penis. I would feel much better, much more secure.
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  12. I'm not so sure . . .
    I do agree that some of us are too focused on it, but it's still a real thing. I have seen enough in real life to know that they are not all the same size (and I have had a few women tell me that mine is too small).

    Women generally know if they are an A-cup or B-cup or C-cup or D-cup etc. It would probably be helpful if all men were measured and if the data was out there. Then we could say, "oh ok, I'm just about average. Cool. Now I can move on with my life" or I might say "Oh, ok. I'm a good inch below average in length, but with decent girth . . . now I can accept that and make adjustments as necessary"

    My gf tells me that I have a big one, yet I slip out when we do certain positions. Maybe that's something that her previous boyfriends could do. I think we'd all be better off if we could be more honest about it and stop being so squeamish.
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    My Journal
    Searching about penis is worthless.
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  14. ReclaimedLife

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    Modem Society has completely skewed the body image a lot of men and women have about themselves.
    Internetporn, social media and regular media determine what is the ideal by portraying certain body types over and over again, with hyper sexulization everywhere.
    Since a lot of us compare ourselves, we do exactly that with what we see on the media.
    And you can't win.
    The only way out is reducing (or better yet, getting rid of) any kind of media, as well as stopping to compare ourselves in general.

    I know. Easier said than done.
    But it's possible.
  15. Mr.Tony

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    99% of women would like to date a man who earns 10 times than they do!

    That Big D*** Fantasy is only coming from Porn!

    Most women will like a guy who has a nice car a fancy house and a good life over one who has s big d***, Focus on building yourself up! - Come on my friend, you are way better than this!
  16. dysdiadochokinesia

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    Porn has a very strong link with penile dysmorphic disorder.
    To choose your mate based on penis size is very primitive behavior and such a you should never date such a person.

    Also you might have noticed how most porn sites show ads for penis enlargement supplements (fake). First they create a demand and then they sell the product.
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