Complete Abstinence vs Gradual Reduction

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ojo1123, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Ojo1123

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    Most people in this community try to completely abstain from PMO, but I am curious if gradually reducing the frequency of PMO over time could be more effective for some people.

    For example, instead of quitting cold turkey for 90 days, what if you were to reduce frequency from:
    twice a day → once a day → once every 2 days → once a week → once a month → never

    Has anybody tried this? If so I would like to hear how well it works compared to a cold turkey reboot.
  2. romeolima

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    The best way to quit anything will depend on the individual and their particular circumstances.

    My goal is to quit porn, to the extent that I will no longer feel the need to view porn again.

    I was never addicted to the point where I couldn't live without it and therefore for me it was easy to just draw a line in the sand and say, I'm not watching it again. If I have the self restraint to only watch

    It would be interesting to read if anyone has managed to make a gradual reduction work.
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  3. Crusader18

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    Honestly, I doubt the effectiveness of a gradual approach. Everytime I have tried frequency reduction, I end up reinforcing pmo and it turns into an excuse to fap when I don't need to. It's hard, but I recommend just trying to outright stop and even if you relapse, if you keep actually trying, your streaks will increase naturally without an arbitrary time limit to allow pmo. This is all from my own experience though, maybe the gradual approach works with some people.
  4. alexg1709

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    I believe that for severe addicts such as myself who is suffering from heavy physical symptoms of excessive pmo this approach would not work.

    Why I say this?

    chemical and hormonal imbalance caused in my brain and body needs time to heal and reboot. This is the whole rewiring process which ultimately just takes time. Every time you PMO you give your brain a different singal as opposed to one of healing. This is just my personal opinion.
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  5. Spartan1998

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    I think this method with gradual reduction is a good alternative/method, because it means YOU control the urge, instead the urge controlling you.
    So you can control it and say when you want to fap or when you don‘t want.
    So it‘s self control.
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