Completed 120 days. Should I quit. Pls give a reply

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120 days completed. Should I quit?

  1. Yes but mo only once a week and porn is off limits

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  2. No, you should continue

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  1. I will masturbate once a week only not porn. What you say? Should I quit or continue?
  2. Piotr2000

    Piotr2000 Fapstronaut

    Hmmm i'm arround 120 days aswell now. What i would say is continue. If you want to continue i sugest you don't keep track of your streak that much and just focus on important things. Also masturbating once every week wil end up in relapsing and you'll just start watching porn again. IMO
  3. Man this is hard. When do i masturbate?
    When should we quit?
  4. I want to feel that pleasure once again
  5. Piotr2000

    Piotr2000 Fapstronaut

    The thing is once you don't count your days, don't even think about it. You'll get in a routine. Just try not to relapse. The benefits only get better! Plus you might feel dissappointed after masturbating and ending your streak. Wich sucks
  6. outwithold

    outwithold Fapstronaut

    Masturbation feels like its always going to be dodgy ground coming from where I have.
    I know I cant disguise the act as self love as that ships sailed for me...and also I know why I want to do it and thats to get those chemicals buzzing during the act... is it going to achieve anything... for me not really..

    In reality it is not a great state of affairs... its feels a bit primitive in many ways
    For me at this stage I know Ill regret it really if I take things in hand.

    But Its a difficult urge to deal with and its the first port of call on the journey to selfish shady and perverse behaviours that Im trying to deal with.

    I wish I could do it and feel proud... but I cant.. I know it wouldnt be the end of the world if I did but for me at this time its not on my to do list!

    I guess the question for you is are you going to feel bad if you do?
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  7. SnakeAndApple

    SnakeAndApple Fapstronaut

    Coming from someone who has never properly tried to quit before this year, and so only imagines this future situation you are now grappling with - Why would you quit? Why not use the energy you have towards pursuing and nurturing a sexual relationship?

    I ask naively. It just seems like the desired thing, and the thing that PMO has fucked up for me.
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  8. abernard

    abernard Fapstronaut

    In my opinion, if porn is out of the equation, masturbating once in a while is as normal and healthy behaviour as it can be !

    Sex is one of human primary needs afterall, you should'nt feel to bad about it, as long as you stay away from porn and fantasise about real girls.
  9. Reborn16

    Reborn16 Fapstronaut

    Try to seek pleasure in more rewarding things.

    Fapping will give you a very short term high, and you may risk feeling quite low afterwards... In which case you could fap again, or relapse back to worse habits...

    There are a lot of people waiting for marriage here and that's cool, but if that's not you, why not pursue girls with that energy instead? I know it's not easy, but it's a step forward even when 'failing' (remember, failing is necessary to learn).

    If not pursuing girls, pursue your hobbies, do something meaningful.
  10. outwithold

    outwithold Fapstronaut

    I would say if the fantasies Im having purely resemble the porn scenes I have indulged in then I think if I put the OK stamp on masturbating over this... it will lead only one way... and that's PMO..

    I admit Im an addict and It really doesnt take much at all for me to choose the easy route..
    So suddenly and In an almost automatic way I will be thinking ...hey why actually fantasies in my head and masturbate when I can actually watch some perverse action that much more fun!

    But we are all on out own journey and if what you suggests proves to be a mistake for you then at least you have nowhere to hide from that realisation.. and perhaps it will beef up your desire to keep clean... or perhaps you will indeed find you have mastered your addiction and re-found the art of self love in a healthy way.

    Good luck brother and report back on your findings

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