Completed 60 days No PMO Hardmode..WooHoo

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. bloom

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    You are an inspiration my friend
  2. I will tell you secret to how to control your urges when i complete 200 days hardmode....i promise is the thing which no member of these community ever tell anyone..
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  3. thanks brother for your blessings...i hope you also achieve that streak
  4. thank you brother...but I am not an inspiration right now...I will when i complete 300 days mark without any sexual activity...And i definitely know that the day will come when i feel that I am the conqueror of the world
  5. Good going brother...F**k the them who you are what are you capable of
  6. thank you for your blessings brother
  7. 28yrsold

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    Looking forward to it. BTW, what's your current strike?
  8. Orgasm is the feeling of sexual pleasure at the time of the ejaculation and the masturbate and sex are the act to reach the orgasm
  9. I know brother I am also affected by severe social anxiety..But after avoiding this habit for some days now i feel different..anxiety is reducing..The worst side effect of the masturbation is the social anxiety
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  11. Promo

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    But can you have real sex with a lady
  12. Thank you Brother
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  13. Not now.... Until I get completely healed
  14. Jonas 2:10

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    Nice profile
  16. Will Quitting PMO help in improving our concentration levels and also will it have any improvement in the way we look?
  17. Thank You Brother
  18. Yes..Definitely..My concentration is getting better day by day..
  19. Thank You Brother
  20. PowerfulSRE

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    Short and straight to the point, from the heart to heart. You man, made me laugh and give me the strength to continue on my journey. Thank you! I wish you all the best! And of course, congratulations!

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