Completed 7 months but no benefits

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Does nightfall destroy all those benefits?

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  1. 7months

    7months Fapstronaut

    Guys i had conpleted 7 months of my nofap. But i havent got any benefits. I want those benefits which u promise. Also i suffer from frequent nightfall. Pls guys i wanted my previous life back but i havent got it yet. What should i do now?

    Please help me!
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  2. Slimjimjones

    Slimjimjones Fapstronaut

    Always depends on situation, but benefits ultimately come down to mindset. Nofap usually helps but this might mean porn isn't the cause of your problems currently.
  3. One big misconception people have is they think rebooting will make them a new person, in reality you are the same person but more pure and free from a lot of filth, how you view yourself will determine almost everything in the end, if you still feel defeated then you will live defeated, if you still feel like a porn addict you will live in shame still believing that lie, it’s all in your head man. And nightfall is 1000% healthy and normal, your body does this naturally as a way of releasing tension, this is effecting you negatively because you have a negative view on it.
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  4. Candun

    Candun Fapstronaut

    IMO getting through the day without the negative effects of PMO is enough of a "benefit".
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  5. If you continued to watch porn, sexy girl pictures, of fantasizing but doing "nofap" then all your efforts was for nothing. Don`t even dream about benefits while continuing to have all that "entertainment".
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  6. onwards_upwards_1

    onwards_upwards_1 Fapstronaut

    What benefits were you hoping for? Nofap isn't a miracle cure for all of lifes problems. If your life sucks while watching porn, it will probably still suck after you stop watching porn - you need to make other changes alongside nofap if you expect your life to improve.

    Consider what you really want out of this. Isn't it enough of a 'benefit' to be able hold your head up high on a daily basis with the knowledge that you are no longer a chronic masturbator. To go about your business knowing that you didn't spend an hour watching other people have sex that morning, and knowing that you won't spend an hour watching other people have sex that evening? What a bout the fact that you won't have a shameful little habit to hide when in a relationship, and having a dick that works properly and allows you to have a fullfilling sexlife? Come on man, there are some huge and very real benefits to nofap - I feel you are just looking in the wrong places
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  7. 7months

    7months Fapstronaut

    Many people promise so many benefits of nofap.
    Are they totally waste
  8. Destruenda_consuetudo

    Destruenda_consuetudo Fapstronaut

    I think the fact that you don't immediately feel sensible benefits in noFap is a good sign! It means that the vacuum you filled with porn and masturbation has now been revealed; this emptiness is maybe the sign that you need more, that you need to start a real journey to discover what makes you happy, and not the immediate satisfaction that you can prove only by abstaining from such images and pratices. Read, meet some people - altough the covid makes this very difficult - , try something new, make plans about your life, dream. Hope this will help.
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  9. op_jack

    op_jack Fapstronaut

    Benefits exist, but only the mental ones in my experience (unless you have porn induced physical problems)
  10. OhWhenThe

    OhWhenThe Fapstronaut

    More information needed.

    I guess this is where I disagree with those who say that just doing nofap won't change anything. I really think that chronic masturbation/use of porn can have pretty devastating effects on a person's mental and/or physical health so actually, if they were able to pull themselves out of that hole then they should start to feel a lot better in time even if they're not doing much else to aid their recovery - though it would be preferable if they were.

    Those who just have a surface-level addiction whereby porn is just this bad habit that they'd rather not have won't be able to relate to those who have developed some quite serious problems from it. When they do their 90 day reboot or whatever they probably won't feel a great deal different to before other than a sense of pride and accomplishment. At the other end of the spectrum though if you've got a guy with a compulsive level addiction who despite his best efforts is seriously struggling to quit then if by some miracle he does get clean it's pretty logical that it's going to benefit him far more than the other guy. It's like a guy who has a few beers at the weekend telling the full-blown alcoholic that quitting booze didn't do much for him so he shouldn't expect it to either.

    I agree with @dancingwithyou though in that if you've still been looking at sexy but not quite "porn" images, edging, constant fantasising etc then you may as well not even bother. Not saying this is the case for the OP but so many seem to think that as long as they don't blow their load to hardcore porn then everything else is fair game.
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