Completely cured: I have accomplished my goals

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  1. This will likely be my last contribution to this website as due to a completely unexpected set of circumstances I am completely cured. Part of me was hesitant to post about this since it will likely be controversial but at the end of the day we are here to share our experiences.

    Quick recap about my situation: I started this journey November 2019 and did 20 months straight of semen retention. After 20 months I was out of flatline but got back into it after a Vegas hookup. Recently I had started practicing mindful masturbation as I was in this weird limbo between flatline and normal sexual function.

    This past Friday I was still stuck in a rut wondering what the endgame of NoFap was supposed to be. As I said I was in limbo where I wasn't 100% in flatline but at the same time I wasn't 100% right either. In the late afternoon I get an email from Ashley Madison informing me that somebody had winked at me. The last time I had used AM was during my Vegas trip where I found a married woman that I ultimately hooked up with (and which put me right back into flatline).

    Out of curiosity I check my profile and see the wink was from a 20 year old BABE looking for a sugar daddy. Beautiful face, tight body, whole nine yards (let's call her Mary). I thought it was a scam profile but I started a dialogue with her. As our conversation progressed, we exchanged IM information and I asked her to send me a selfie while holding a piece of paper saying "Hi (my name)". I told her I wanted to make sure I was talking to the girl in the profile.

    Five minutes later I get the picture. Mary was legit.

    She was asking if I could come see her that evening but I told her I would have to get back to her. The lower brain wanted to go for it, the higher brain was hesitant. Eventually I just stopped responding to her messages and figured she would get the hint.

    The next day Mary was blowing up my phone, I think she really needed money quick. After some more chatting she told me that if I promised to pull out then I wouldn't need to use a condom. All resistance went out the door. She gave me her address and we made our plans.

    When I parked my car I looked at myself in the rear view mirror. "If you fail you will never forgive yourself" I told myself internally.

    Seeing Mary in person, gorgeous young girl in her peak sexuality, flipped some type of switch in my brain. I completely dominated her, not in some abusive way but in the traditional gender role sense. She was Jane, I was Tarzan. It was the absolute best sexual experience I have ever had in my life and by a wide margin. No limp dick, no delayed ejaculation, no hesitation. After it was over Mary told me to call her anytime I wanted to see her.

    I got back to my car and was wondering if I had imagined the whole thing. A girl more than half my age had contacted me less than 24 hours before and I had just finished raw dogging her, was this reality? But I also realized something much deeper.

    I was completely cured. I just knew it. That whole experience had fundamentally changed part of my brain somehow.

    Zero flatline since that meeting and my libido has been sky high ever since. I have finally conquered this thing.

    I thought the idea of rewiring was BS in the past but this experience has led me to change my tune on the matter.
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  2. Congratulations man! I'm still flatlining, having depression, having paws, last but not least sexual exhaustion.
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    Good luck with everything!


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