Completely fapped out, no longer pleasurable

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Mims97, Jan 6, 2022.

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    Last time I fapped, in Dec before new years I was usually fapping almost every day the whole entire year, after work before work, porno, complete 10 years of fapping with little to no female dating.

    At this point am completely fapped out, so much so that even when I try to complete mission it's ends now with a terrible insufferable headache. Yes my brain has finally had enough and now I may need to seek medical professional but it very weird and painful and only happens when I get to the finisher, it's called sexual headache can last several hours once you complete mission you'll feel horrible afterwards so horrible that life of fapping or sex just no longer interest you.

    The sexual headache said to have come from my muscle tension and consistent ejaculation of seaman. Last time I fapped was new years eve but didn't fap for the whole week up to that point because first headache was very intense to the point where I didn't even wanna finish and lay down with cold pack on my head and Tylenol extra strength. When I did fap before new year I watched some porn, completed mission but i could still feel slight tension in back of my head that didn't hurt but just creep in corner like if I fap again after that it'll fuck me up and I'll be stuck with a cold ice pack and Tylenol extra strength.

    For this reason I decided to go NoFap, purely because I no longer get any pleasure out of it, I pre cum today and can feel slight tension, I get hard on feel sexual stimulated but it hurts my head just thinking about fapping or even sex in general. Am straight male with raging libido and hormones, I can sit around for hours doing absolutely nothing but now am trying find help and something different outlet from all the sex porn and euphoric orgasmic releases thats now causing me pain.

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