Completely ruined my life :(

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by The_Inevitable, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. The_Inevitable

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    Hello guys,

    I really don't what is happening to me . 2 months ago while Masturbating I guess I injured my penis then from that day on my penis was numb totally couldn't get erected and it had aslo shrunken.I went on full reboot After 3-4 weeks later that I finally got the erection back but, things got weirder and I have developed some soft plague on along the penis . And I have noticed my penis curves when erected but no pain and also sometimes becomes like hour-glass. Anyways guys today while my penis was erected I pressed the soft plague and it showed something white inside my penis and the plague seems to be breakdown but I can't achieve erection any more after breaking that thing. Till now am on nofap,day 176 and i haven't masturbated nor watched porn.

    I'd normally never post like this kind of post so please understand how desperate and defeated I feel about this.
    I am really stressed and terrified.
  2. _most.high_

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    you really should see a doctor there bud, nofap is for porn related problems, not to burst your bubble but that sounds physical dont hesitate in seeing a doctor
  3. Yabebwe

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    Bro, visit a doctor, and if it helps, remmeber your life isn't about a small part of your body, don't think that the functionality of it defines you.
  4. Silent Eyes

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    Go see a doctor ASAP. Sounds serious. Best of luck.
  5. 5adn8m8

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    There is no shame in seeing a doctor. Don't hesitate to do it. It may be a small problem but leaving this as it is may take it to a whole different and more serious level.

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