Complimenting Women About Their Dress

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  1. One mainly for the women:

    I was headed into the airport terminal last night to start work. Lots of passengers coming out of the terminal.

    There was one lady with a gorgeous classy red dress. I thought to myself that is a very nice eye catching dress. Good for her in choosing it.

    There was zero lusting after her. I didn’t say anything to her. Me too scared about her being offended and calling security on me. Also she was in a rush going the opposite way.

    The question I thought about is what do women think about a male stranger complimenting her about her nice dress?
  2. Well, no one has answered so I will. I'd say it might depend on who the woman is. Like if she was a conservative Muslim woman she'd probably be offended or if she was the kind of woman who gets constantly harassed by men she might call security. If you're in a big city it might be a bad idea to do something like that. If you're in a highly conservative town it might be a problem. I'd say if the woman is English and not upper class she'd be happy to be complimented like that. Us English can be so polite. I remember once in my city I overheard a man tell a woman he met to tell her she looked beautiful and she said, "Thank you but I have a boyfriend". As for the woman in the red dress she may have thanked you and rushed off, or she may have gotten annoyed with you and told you she did have time because she had a plane to catch.
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  3. I should add if she was Indonesian or Malaysian she would have probably thanked you as well. Saving face is important in their culture so she'd probably be polite.
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  4. In my view I suggest you don't comment on the dress of a girl unless it's your partner/girlfriend or wife. Or it's someone you know very well as a friend. (Or it's a date). Just my thoughts. Push yourself in her shoes. It's coming across as blatantly hitting on her aggressively. Even if you mean well you need to have empathy and see it from her standpoint. That's my view anyway.
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    Sounds like classic paranoia. Then again, every country is different. In Australia, if someone looks relaxed, and you come up and compliment them like that in a relaxed tone, you'll likely get a smile and 'thank you', maybe a brief conversation.

    I've said a few random things to people when on a good streak, and it's usually in my mind whether it's a good idea or not. Meaning, if I'm chilled out, they're chilled out.

    There will always be exceptions, a stuck-up princess, someone on drugs. But you don't decide to not hold out your hand at the bus stop because it sometimes doesn't see you right? You hold it out and hope it does. Time without porn = less giving a thought about this stuff.
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  6. That's not been my experience. When in Australia a woman almost started run away from me when I started to talk to her. I wasn't being creepy or anything, just asking for directions but seemed like she didn't want to give me any. I thought Australian women were friendly but guess that's not the case.
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    I think you just have to feel this stuff out. If you feel awkward or it feels forced, it is probably a bad idea. If it is spontaneous and feels natural, it is probably fine.
  8. I assume that generally people like authentic compliments. Of course, as stated above, if the woman is often harassed by pick up artists etc. the reaction might differ.
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    Some can be bitches haha. But if they start to run away when asked for directions, either they're a bit postal, or there was something out of norms with the approach.

    They may have also mistaken you for a street salesman. In the city especially, people will go into auto pilot and avoid everyone who says hi and isn't an authority figure lol.
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    Yeah, I also love interacting with one person and equating their actions and personality to the 15 million others in a country.
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    I’d say more often than not, women don’t mind the compliments, or are even flattered by them. Especially if you make it clear that you’re complimenting the dress, not saying that they’re sexy whilst giving them googly eyes.
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    Do what you want.

    How others will react will always be uncertain. Don't make assumptions or have any expectations. You shouldn't live in reactive fear like this. There will never be any guarantees. You have to learn to take more risks and do things that might not work.

    You weren't trying to gain anything. You just wanted to quickly compliment her dress. If she was in a rush, you could've just quickly made eye contact, smiled, gave a quick compliment, and move on.

    Unless you physically got in her way, I don't see the problem. If by some reason she reacted negatively, what does it matter? You were just simply giving a compliment.

    Maybe she would've smiled at you and said thanks. Maybe she would've ignored you. Maybe she would've stopped to talk to you. Maybe she would've reacted very negatively at you. Who knows? You won't ever know now because you didn't take the risk. You erased any possibility for a negative experience, but also erased any possibility for a positive experience.

    Stop waiting for guarantees.

    You just simply wanted to express your truth. Which was that you loved her dress, she had great style, and that you think she looked gorgeous in it.

    Such a small gesture, but also a wasted opportunity. Not because it might have led to something more, but because you reinforced within yourself that you should hide your honest expressions from the world.

    Do what you want. Learn to express yourself honestly more. Give your positive vibes freely.
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  13. I agree with this.

    I'm a woman, and in most situations, if it didnt feel like the guy was saying it for sleazy reasons, I would be flattered and say thank you and it would brighten my day. It's always nice to get a compliment.

    But I agree with Randy, you have to just go with your gut and see if it feels natural in the moment. Like in the example you gave, obviously it wouldnt yave neen natural, because the woman wasnt near you and was moving quickly away and it would be super weird for you to chase her down to say that. Lol but in general, in most cases, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. And I think it's silly for people to be so worried about it, like the woman is going to freak out and sue you for sexual harassment for saying she has a pretty dress. That's idioitic. There is a very small minority of women out there who are that insane and hate women that much, but I have yet to encounter any of them outside of the internet.
  14. Lol what? This is ridiculous... unless the woman is an idiot, someone saying "that's a lovely dress" is NOT "blatantly" hitting on you, and it most certainly is far from being "aggressive" in any way.
  15. Thanks everyone for your great inputs.

    I need to be more socialable and there’s plenty of opportunities here at the airport with all the passengers, employees from my airline and the other airlines, the vendor’s staff members. and the airport operations staff.
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  16. I wouldn't mind being complimented on my dress in a simple mannerrr ~ in a big city or small, on my worst day or best day lol
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    I wouldn't compliment a woman from my job about her dress as it'd a be a one way ticket towards a sexual harassment process :). All in all I see no harm in complimenting a woman about her dress, the context must be fitting and you could even catch her attention if you use the right tone. When I come to think of it that's how I met my girlfriend - by complementing her linen clothing. When I approached to say hi I got lost and couldn't come with anything better but compliment her linen dress. She found it funny and that's how our relationship started from a trivial and rather awkward compliment.
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  18. Put yourself in the woman's shoes. 99% of the guys who have randomly complimented her on her appearance were most likely horny and trying to score. Of course you have the freedom to speak your mind, but I would not be surprised at a gruff response. I think complimenting someone's dress is generally safe, but could be perceived as an advance.
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    I'd say for woman you don't know, it depends on if they find you physically attractive or not, atleast for younger woman.

    If you want to do something like complimenting a woman on their clothes you'll have to make sure you come off as genuine and not lustful. It would be best to ask like this

    "Hey that's a nice dress you have, where did you get it? I want to get something like that for my sister's/moms/friends birthday"
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    Years ago i said a girl the ivliked her shoes and i was sincere. I only liked her shoes. Not her. Hours later her boyfriend menaced me.

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