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    A thread for posts of personal experience(s) or research concerning effects of fasting.

    A link to Volume III (Fasting and Sun Bathing) of Herbert M. Shelton's The Hygienic System

    "Angry animals do not resume eating again until their anger has subsided. Reports of dogs grieving over the absence or death of their owners, refusing food for long periods, are often carried by the press."

    "The old Roman proverb, "a full stomach does not like to think," well expresses a fact that is known to all mental workers."

    - Herbert M. Shelton's The Hygienic System
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    Indeed, the value of fasting becomes plausible when you look at the fact that all civilized cultures had a fasting ritual engrained in their culture, it become likely when you know how good it feels, and it becomes certain when you recognize the facts.
    I personally don't fast and never really did "fasting" per se, but it's one of the things that I wish to do at the right time and in the right way.
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    Yes sir. You were right about civilized cultures having fasting rituals.

    In the past our ancestors were often forced to go days without food and our bodies today inherited deep DNA knowledge for adapting sensibly to food shortages.

    In dry fasting digestion is more efficient (farting and burping can almost stop completely lol) and we tap into a very stable kind of concentration on tasks at hand.

    I respect you wanting to fast the right way. Because there are wrong ways to go about it.

    For example it is not meant for starvation or becoming useless at your job.

    Every wrong way to fast (dry or not dry) begins with a hopeless worldview.
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    A Tedx talk about Fasting. It's pretty informative.

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    Hey Gopher. I've only fasted 24h about once or twice lol. You might be more familiar personally with fasting than me.

    I really let go of this discipline for the past 4 months but before that when I fasted it was for studying for 2 major exams mainly.

    The first was my current apprenticeship exam and the second was for the ASVAB.

    I fasted while studying and testing for both and passed both.

    I never asked for the apprenticeship score but I scored 95 on the ASVAB and I attribute much of that to the dry fasting state of mind.

    Things like the urge for entertainment really begin to feel like nonsense. Then I just wanna go organize things and relieve the problems in my face.

    This is not so when my stomach is full lol.
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    I don't fast because I train martial arts and workout alot lol otherwise I would. But the martial arts training and meditation give my mind and body all the discipline they need, and basically kill urges at the source. Like sitting in horse stance vaporizes sexual urges, channels the energy and builds strength.

    Anyways I'm a health nut, and I have to recommend something in this fasting thread. I'm in love with spirulina, so I have to post this excerpt from a review of a person who described a water fast they had I believe, and then what happened when they ingested spirulina to break the fast:

    For over 10 years I've been an organic health food nut. I've tried dozens of specialized diets, different herbal detox cleanses, juice fasts, fruit fasts, water fasts, etc etc. I've tried over a hundred different research-backed supplements. After all my years of experimentation, my cabinet has gotten smaller and smaller. The cleaner my body got, the more my body disliked any processed supplements or fancy dieting practices. Throughout all this time, my body has always loved spirulina. Nothing feels quite like it.

    My most memorable experience was when I broke a 20-day water fast. For the first 2 days I tried freshly juiced organic fruits. The sugar was way too intense and it didn't feel right for my body. Then I tried a spirulina & water drink. It was amazing! The blood in my body literally vibrated and tingled! I had never experienced my blood tingling before - it was awesome! And my energy levels soared within minutes. I could feel the spirulina nourish my blood while also cleanse it.

    The two best spirulina brands, if anyone cares lol :eek::

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