Confession: I Don't Really Like Kissing

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    This may sound bizarre to many of you, but I've never really enjoyed kissing very much.

    I kind of understand it as part of foreplay, but I've never really enjoyed it as a thing by itself. Like when teenagers say "let's make out" and they kiss for ages but it never leads to sex. I never understood the appeal of that.

    I can remember my first girlfriend when I was 16, she really wanted me to snog her, but I was reluctant. I wanted to do other things, you know, but the snogging just didn't really appeal to me. Exchanging saliva just seemed like a weird thing to do.

    Fast forward many years to 2012, when I was 34, I remember having a brief fling with a woman I met in a walking group. One time during the day we were "making out" on a bench in a church yard, and after I while I stopped, and she complained that I looked like I'd got bored with kissing. Well, I had. It felt like a waste of time.

    I mean, I enjoyed doing other things with her, but just the kissing on its own felt meaningless to me.

    I don't know, maybe it's because I'm mildly on the autistic spectrum?

    Does anyone else feel like this though?
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  3. There are plenty of other people that find it disgusting ,no worries.
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